How to Make Easy Oven Mitts with No Binding

Grab a few fat quarters, some batting, and this free oven mitt pattern, and join Paulette while she makes an easy, comfortable, durable oven mitt, with no binding!

Paulette uses cotton batting and Insul-Bright batting.

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Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette Morrissey and today I’m going to show you how to make a really quick and easy oven mitt a quilted oven mitt we’ve had some requests from people who wanted to know if I had an easier way to make an oven mitt that doesn’t require binding or piecing or anything like that so I’ve made a real easy pattern that doesn’t require any of those it goes together pretty quick and all you need is two fat quarters plus your batting and there is a PDF for it with the pattern pieces and everything in the description below if you want go ahead and download it it’s free of course and we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and I’ll show you how easy this thing is to put together
okay to make this oven mitt first what you’re going to do is in the description below there’s a PDF that you can download that has the pattern pieces in it so what you want to do is print out both pages of the pattern piece and cut them both out and then along the dotted lines tape the two together so you’ve got one big oven mitt piece then you’re going to cut out six pieces of batting I’ve got mine all cut out and they’re cut along the whole outside edge and they stop here they’re shorter than the extra you’re going to cut them off to cut here and I used four pieces of cotton batting and two pieces of insul Brite the kind of insulation that is recommended for oven mitts and pot holders and stuff it’s got this more heat resistant layer to it so I use one layer of that for each side and two layers of cotton batting so you’re going to need a total of six layers of cotton batting I mean a total batting and I like to sandwich insulated batting inside the two layers of cotton batting like that so I’ve got those little sandwiches of batting for each half of my oven mitt then you’re going to cut out two pieces of the outside of your oven mitt left and right you know opposite each other I’ve got two pieces of that and then I’m using this for my lining and I’ve cut up two pieces of that lining also gets cut off on this shorter line and the outside pieces get cut off on this outer line so you’ve got all your pieces cut out and what you’re going to do is sandwich them together like this going to put one of these lining pieces on each pile of batting

I’m going to flip them both over

and I’m going to put the outer pieces on each pile and these are all right sides out

this will hang off the edge it will hang off longer

you’ve got two little stacks ready to go now what you’re going to do is use a serger if you’ve got one or serging stitch on your sewing machine or just use a zigzag stitch but what you want to do is connect these pieces in this layer all the way around the outside edge but not the bottom edge they just leave this free for now you’re going to go all the way around outside edge of each of these two pieces

got enough done that I can show you what it looks like just a built-in simple serger stitch but like I said you can use a zigzag stitch whatever so I’m going to go ahead and sew both of these all the way around remember don’t do the bottom edge

Ok now you’ve got both of your pieces all serged around the edges and backside is caught pretty well too seems to be fine so what I’m going to do is put them together right sides together now whatever side is going to be the outside of your oven is in here and now you’re going to sew all the way around the outside edge of these with just a plain straight stitch and I recommend doing the stitch twice doing the whole seam twice just for durability sake and also start way at the end and make sure you go all the way to the end here

and this is fairly thick fabric so make sure you go nice and slow and take your time

it will probably be a little bit bigger than a quarter inch seam but that’s fine it’s the pieces are spacious enough that even if you did a half inch seam it will be fine

okay so now you got it all sewn together it’s still inside out so what you’re going to do is you’re going to bring up the bottom edge

fold it to the inside

and then kind of tuck it under fold it up I’m just going to clip it this part just takes a little a little time a little bit of patience but it’s it’s easy enough to do now if you’ve got a free arm on your sewing machine which I don’t unless I take off my whole plate here and raise it all up and everything you can just stick this on here and stitch it around like that it would work pretty easy

I don’t so I think for me the quickest thing would be to hand stitch it down and I’m just going to go like this little quarter inch seams probably I mean stitches like so I’m just doing about a quarter of an inch apart

I’ve got the thread doubled now all we have to do is turn it right side out hand in here thumb main parts and pull it down this might be the hardest part

There you have one very durable two-sided oven mitt pretty easy huh

I think the hardest part was turning right side out but that’s all you have to do so now you all know how to make an oven mitt that was pretty easy and remember it was just two fat quarters plus the batting remember that if you’re using batting and you don’t use the insul brite add another layer of the cotton batting and don’t use polyester batting with anything that can be by flames or heat or anything it’s cuz it’s flammable so I hope you like that video and please hit the Subscribe button and the like button and the notified little bell if you’d like to be notified every time we put up a new video and remember that every time we put up a video that’s for one of our paid patterns that that pattern will be free for the 24 hours from when we post it the next 24 hours it’ll be free so be sure you check that out and you get notified when those are ready to go and that is all I have for you for today have a good week I will see you next week bye-bye


  1. can you please tell me where the free pattern for the easy oven mitt is??? i find nothing for it?? thank you so very much Judie

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