Kitchen Tile Quilt Block

Today Paulette shows you our “Kitchen Tile” quilt block, along with a cool variation to make. Grab our handy PDF guide if you want to sew along! Kitchen Tile Quilt Block Guide

Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and today I’m going to show you how to make a block called kitchen tile and it’s a cute little block like this makes a pretty table runner or table topper or placemat or whatever you like or quilt obviously it’s a real quick and easy pattern to make and I’m also going to show you a very cute variation on it it’s really quick and easy to make so we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and get started

kitchen tile block all of the pieces you’re going to need are in a PDF in the description below so you can download that if you want to follow along or if you want to make these it’s very it’s a quick easy pattern and it’s got some cute variations so what I’m going to do is start by sewing these two rectangles there’s four of each for each block and I’m just going to sew them together in pairs those four

I’m just going to sew them together in pairs quarter inch seam along one long edge like this right here and now I’ve got four of these all sewn together and they’re pressed towards the darker piece I will set those aside and then we’re going to take you have five of these squares for each block and you’re going to take four of them and we’re going to sew these little pieces to the corners

you’re going to sew one here diagonally from point to point and then you’re going to sew one on the opposite corner diagonally point to point don’t sew two next to each other because they will overlap wrong so make sure you sew opposite ones and do that with four of these squares and leave the fifth one plain so I’m going to go sew these two pairs on each one so they look like this and we get all of those four done and then we’ll move on to the next step okay now you’ve got your your two pieces sewn on each square now what you’re going to do is cut off these extra triangles leave a quarter of an inch seam

you just going to snip them off like this and then I’m going to go press these open okay now I’ve got four pieces like this with the two corners and I pressed them towards those corners and then you’re going to take your remaining little squares like this and sew them on the opposite two corners like so one here and one here and if it’s easier for you rather than just eyeballing this up I’ve got a line on my sewing machine that I that I follow like right here I follow this for my diagonal lines I’ll show you

I follow this edge right here so if I’m sewing a diagonal line and it starts right under my needle exactly and I keep this little point on that diagonal line

I’ve got it sewn fine but if you don’t have something on your sewing machine you can follow you can draw a light line on the back of your triangles here I mean on the backs of your little squares and just follow along that when you sew

the result is the same obviously

I’m going to go and sew two more squares on the last two corners of each of these and then I’ll be right back

now I’m going to cut these corners off same as I did before leaving a quarter inch seam allowance like so I’m going to do that to all of them and I’m going to also press these open and I’ll be right back

now we’ve got four little squares like this so your total pieces now are you have four of these you have four of these with the two half rectangles and you’ve got one plain so what you’re going to do is you’re going to start by sewing taking one of these and sewing a triangle on either side of each of two of these so we’re going to sew like so and like so and just a quarter inch seam up the edges

I have two pieces like this and with my remaining three little pieces here I’m going to sew them like so plain piece in the center and these are going to be sewn on the sides quarter inch seam and one on the other side

now I’ve got one of these and two of these and we’re going to swing these around oops and we’re going to sew this one here and this one here like so

quarter inch seams and your seams will nestle nicely with each other in the center blocks

and here you have your kitchen tile block all finished very cute very quick and easy and then we’ve got a cool variation on this we can show you we meaning me okay so here’s your block and I’ve cut it apart just to show you something okay here’s with your block looks like now sort of I think I screwed something up here okay here’s what your block looks like right now but if we switch all the corners around and we turn them all so these little triangles are in the center you get a whole different look so I’m going to sew these together and show you how cool that looks and this is just a matter of sewing these pairs together this one here this one here just sewing along these side seams and then sewing these two halves together

I’ve sewn the two pairs together I’m going to go press them open and then I’m going to sew these this center seam

And there you’ve got a completely different looking block and you have to notice that when you’re done with this block I believe it’s 9 1/2 inches square

this one by the time you finish sewing it’s extra little seams it’s 9 inches square so that you know you do understand that you lose a quarter of an inch per seam so you’re going to lose half an inch on here and that’s all there is to it and that is kitchen tile with kitchen tile variation I hope you enjoyed that

so now you know how to make the kitchen tile block and a quick cute variation on the kitchen tile which makes it look like it’s a little more complicated but it really wasn’t so it’s kind of a neat block to make and it looks really pretty when you have a bunch of them together or they can be alternated with something else make a neat quilt

The sizes and dimensions in the quantities and everything that you need are in a PDF in the description below if you want to give this a try and don’t forget that on the weeks on the Saturdays that we have our patterns our videos for patterns that we already sell like our placemats and runners and table toppers and everything when we put up a video for a paid pattern the pattern is free for 24 hours it’ll be free from the time we post it for the next 24 hours so be sure you check that out every week hit the Subscribe button and the like button and hit the little bell if you want to be notified then you’ll know every time video comes up you can be sure to get the free pattern if it’s something you’re interested in so that’s all for now hope you had a good day have a nice week bye bye