Sew Along with Pattern 576 – Ribbon Twist Gala Table Runner

Today’s sew along video features one of our very popular table runner patterns. It’s our Ribbon Twist Gala Table Runner pattern. This pattern looks great in a wide variety of color combinations. Match your room, celebrate the season, or make something in holiday colors!

Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and today I’m going to show you how to do one of our very popular table runners. It’s called Ribbon Twist Gala Runner and it looks like this. Here’s the pattern, and it’s pattern number 576, and it’s in the description below if you would like to get a copy of it. This is a really quick and easy pattern to do, it works good with all different color combinations, it’s good for seasonal, it looks really pretty in red and green, it looks kind of cute in autumn colors, it’s just a really easy pattern. I think once I get the pieces cut out it takes about an hour to sew the whole thing together, and it’s also fat quarter-friendly, so if you’re, if you’ve got a nice fat quarter bundle that’s got several good colors in it this is a good pattern for that too. So we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and I’m going to show you how quick and easy it is to make this pattern. Let’s go.

Okay for this Ribbon Twist Runner, the first time I made it I used red and blue alternating stripes with the little whites on the edges, and it looks, it’s cute but I wanted to try something completely different this time. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to use two shades of what I’m going to call light blue, and two shades, two prints of dark blue, and all of the measurements and the quantities, and the sizes, and everything that you need are all in the pattern and it’s number 576 Ribbon Twist. But to start with you’re going to take all of these little rectangle, triangles and you’re going to pair them with white triangles of the same size and they’re going to be just paired like this, and like this, so all of your patterned fabrics are on the left, and all of the whites are on the right. We’re just going to sew them together, nice quarter inch seam here, nice quarter inch seam here, and we’re going to sew all the pieces just like that. All right I’ve got those all sewn and pressed toward the darker color not the white. So I’ve got eight of those, and eight of these, and then what I’m going to do is, since I’m figuring these two are one color and these two are my other color I’m going to sew the opposite ones to each other. I’m going to sew the light ones to the dark ones I just sewed and I’m going to sew the big dark triangles to the light ones. All we’re going to do is take this, and sew it to here, and make sure when you sew it, because this is on a bias, you don’t stretch. Ease it through don’t stretch it and don’t pull it because, because it’s on the bias it will want to pull a little bit. Nice quarter inch seams and I’m going to go sew all of these.

Okay so now we have eight squares like this, and eight squares like this. So we’re going to take one of the kinds of squares like this, and I’m going to put a piece like this, with the bottom edge here, your dark color right here, and I’m going to take another piece of the same, same one and I’m going to put it this way. I’m going to turn it so it’s not this way like it was here, I’m going to turn it around opposite so it’s like this and this forms a big diagonal stripe. So then I’m going to take this, fold it here, well not fold it, and then I’m just going to sew this quarter inch seam right here so when it opens up it looks like that and you’ve got this diagonal stripe. So that’s what I’m going to do, I’ll have four stripes of this color, and then I’m going to do the same thing with these. I’m going to put them this way and take the second one and swing it around opposite so it’s like this. You’ve got a big diagonal stripe that way, and then I put this one on top here and sew this edge. So then I’m going to make four pieces like that, and four pieces like this. So I’m going to go ahead and do that next.

All right, now I’ve got four pieces the dark stripe and four pieces for the light stripe. I’m going to take these in pairs and you’re going to end up with four pairs like this, and you take two and you’re going to sew them together like so. On the back when I ironed them, I ironed up here and up here. So when I sew them together, I’m just going to flip one of them around so that when I put the seams together they will nestle right in there nicely, it won’t be an extra bulk. So then I’m just going to sew these two together along this line, quarter inch seam. Make sure when you sew these together that you’re nesting those two seams together so they meet nicely in the center, so all your pieces are nice and even. Try to have even seams. Now you have four squares or four pieces like this and all you’re going to do now is sew them together into one long strip. Just keep sewing them together. So I’m going to go ahead and sew all the pieces together I’ll show you where we’re at. Make sure when you’re sewing them together that you are sewing them so you have, so you have a dark stripe and then a light stripe, and then a dark stripe, so, because if you turn one of these upside down and you end up like this, you’ve got a dark stripe and then a dark stripe and it doesn’t work, so make sure you put them all and you’re alternating them and go dark diagonal, light diagonal. Okay now you can see I’ve got the whole thing going together all the sections sewn together, one big long strip.

And now I’m just going to sew the border on, for the border I’m using another shade of blue, this blue.

I’m just going to sew it on the two ends, now all I need to do is sew the two long border strips along the long sides. This will go right here.

I’ll sew it down with a nice quarter inch seam and that will be all there is to it. So I’m going to go ahead and sew those down, and then I’ll show you what it looks like. Once you finish putting your binding on, right along the sides, I mean your border, once you finish putting your whole border on you’re all done.

This is a really easy pattern to do, and it’s really quick, it looks nice in the reds and greens for Christmas and things like that, it’s just a really quick pattern to go through.

Okay so here it is the Ribbon Twist Runner. Kind of pretty isn’t it. I really like it done in these blues. I hadn’t tried it in a monochrome color before and this looks kind of nice like this, this combination. But another thing I wanted to point out is this is a good pattern, this finished runner is 14×44. If you wanted it wider you could just add some extra borders, but if you wanted it longer or shorter all you have to do is add or subtract these sections here, a section is right here, this piece right here is a section, you could add more sections and make it as long as you want or you could take a section off and make it you know, a shorter runner. So I hope you enjoyed watching how easy it was to put it together and hope you give it a try, and remember the description and everything is down in the description below, it’s like a Monday today, and I hope you enjoyed this video please give it a Like if you liked it, and Subscribe if you can, and we will see you next Saturday with a brand new video so have a good week bye-bye.