Impossible Spiral Quilt Block

While this spiral might look impossible, making it as a quilt block is actually quite easy! Today, Tes will show you how it goes together.

Impossible Spiral Quilt Block Guide

Video transcript:

Hi I’m Tes Scholtz with tulip square and today I’m going to show you how to make this quilt block  

I call it the impossible spiral because it’s kind of an optical illusion type of spiral  

it’s really easy to do and it’s fun this makes a 12 inch finished block so let’s hop over to the sewing machine and I’ll show you how easy it is to make  

the first thing we’re going to do is take your white square and your darkest square and you’re going to sew them together  

and I have that piece you’re going to sew the dark rectangle to the left side and medium dark rectangle to the right side  

sew that right there  

and I have this piece and we’re going to sew a larger medium dark rectangles to the top and the bottom of that  

Sew this one right here  

and sew this one right there 

nice quarter inch seams everywhere as always  

and I’m just pressing these towards the outside color we’re going to set that aside just for a second and work on these corners that we have  

medium light and the medium dark  

and you’re going to want to sew a diagonal line  

right here make sure it’s going this way and not this way  

We’re going to use that in just a second  

And then we’re going to take the palest color I have two of these one is longer than the other  

each one gets a white square the longest one you’re going to sew the diagonal line this way and on the shorter one you’re going to sew the diagonal line this way make sure you do this way on the short one and this way on the long one  

now you can do like I’m doing and follow a line on my sewing machine  

and you can find a link to this tape in the  

description and there’s also another type of  

quarter inch tape  made 

especially for that and I’ll put a link to that as well  

You can either do that or you can take a ruler and draw a line and then follow that line it’s always helpful to start here as opposed to here because  

your machine might try to chew up this corner but if you start here where there’s fabric  

you’ll have better luck  

now on all three of these pieces  

I’m going to  

trim off the outer triangle  

leave a quarter inch seam allowance there  

and then I’m just going to press these open  

now we have these I don’t know why I said press them open because I pressed them all towards the corners so we’re going to set these two aside for a moment  

and then take this one  

we’re going to sew this one with the corner to the left side where the dark rectangle is  

sew that right along there and then we’re going to sew the next medium light  

rectangle to the opposite side  right there

I will press those both to the outside now I have that you’re going to sew  

the last piece of the  

medium light color to the  

top right along here  so you have that at the top and then you’re going to sew  

The shorter of the two  

Light strips with the white corner to the bottom here with the white pointing out  

press these out  

Now you have that and you’re just going to add the final piece to the left side  

the white pointing out again  

sew that right there  

And there is your finished block  

there you have it there is your impossible spiral Quilt Block that was fun and easy wasn’t it so if you like this block and this video make sure you hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the little bell if you want to be notified every time we put up a new video and don’t forget there’s a free pdf cutting guide that you can download in the description box and it has all of the sizes of pieces that you need to complete this block check out our website at and we will see you next week with a brand new video until then happy sewing