Sew Along with Pattern 537 – Log Cabin Corners Quilted Table Topper

We’ve had several requests for this video, so here it is! The Log Cabin Corners table topper sew along. Once you watch how it goes together, you’ll see how easy it really is! Get the pattern, and sew along with Paulette: 537 Log Cabin Corners Table Topper Pattern

Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette from tulip square and this week I’m going to show you how to make this cute little table topper it’s called Log Cabin corners and we’ve had a couple of requests for this because sometimes beginners especially have a little trouble visualizing  

what what patterns are easier and what patterns aren’t so this one is incredibly easy there’s no diagonal cuts no diagonal sewing it’s just straight lines you couldn’t get a much easier beginner pattern so we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and I’m going to show you how cute this pattern is and how easy it is to make so let’s head over there  

okay to make this table topper The Log Cabin Corners it’s made similar to a log cabin square but it’s only a corner of it so it’s kind of like half of it so what you’re going to need is two different colors and four shades of each color I’m using green going from lightest to darkest and a purple going from lightest to darkest plus you need an accent color that shows up on either one of them and one of your size your your colors will start out smaller than the other one so this one starts out smaller than the purples so you start by taking one of these squares and these smallest pieces and you’re going to pair them up and sew them all together and make sure you use nice accurate quarter inch seams so everything fits together as you go along  

Now once you’ve sewed all those press them towards the square and then you’re going to take the smallest of the next color  

and you’re going to sew them to the left side of each of these pieces when this is on the top so don’t sew it to the left side like this sew it to the left side like that and go ahead and do that with all your pieces and then press them towards the strip you just added  

now keeping the squares always in the same direction always with that first little piece on top of  

the original Square we’re going to go to the next size which is  

the green cuz we’re going to go greens this way and purples this way so the next size is put these greens on the top of each one just like so  

and then press those also towards the green strip  

now we’re going to add the next purple to the left right here and you can see as we go this is pretty easy we’re just going bigger purples alternating with bigger greens it’s even easier than a log cabin Square because we only have two sides to keep track of instead of going around so we’re just going to continue so this was going to be purple on the purple side and then always press towards your strip  

the next green gets added  

right here  

now the next purple now if you this is a perfect project to do chain stitching and if you don’t know what chain stitching is it is where you put one under your sewing machine and then you just follow it immediately with the next one and the next one so you don’t have thread ends after each one whenever you’re doing a lot of the same thing it’s it’s ideal  

just cut them apart after you’ve sewn them I’ll show you what I mean you don’t need to leave a big space between them  

scoot over here a little bit  

I’ll sew this first one  

and when I get to the end I just add the next one  

and you just keep going like that keep adding and adding until they’re all done then you cut them apart  

next we have the next larger green one  

and then the last purple one  

right now you’ve got 16 squares done that are all the same and now all you have to do is take them and take four at a time and make four rows of four squares  

so that your left  

your purple stripe is on the left of each one and the darkest green is on the top and you just sew four in a row just like that  

and you make four rows like that  

so go ahead and do that and then press them all towards these purple strips  

I have four strips like this and all you’re going to do is sew the four together  

All going on the same direction like this just sew them all together and make sure that you line up your seams where these dark purple ones meet because if they’re off a little bit like that’s going to be real obvious  

to make sure you line them up pin them if you need to  

and there we have it  

all four pieces  

no all four rows kinda cute isn’t it 

now all we have to do is add the borders so what you do is you take the shortest two borders and sew them to the two opposite sides and then press towards the Border you’re putting on  

all right now you have the border sewn on the top and bottom or the two sides whatever they are here  

and now you’re just going to sew the last two longer strips on the opposite sides and we are done  

and there it is all finished that was pretty easy wasn’t it this is a great beginner pattern cuz there’s nothing difficult at all just sewing couple little lines together so I hope you enjoyed that one  

and here you have your finished Log Cabin Corners table topper  

kind of cute isn’t it so this table topper is 26 in square we had specifically been asked to make some smaller ones so this is one of the smaller ones we made if you wanted it even smaller all you’d have to do was eliminate that last roll that last round of rows the last purple strips and the last green strips and that would eliminate an inch from each block you could also eliminate the Border if you wanted to and just go straight to binding and if you need it bigger you could add a wider binding you could I mean border you could add a second border or you could add more strips to each color you could add a fifth and a six purple and green if you could just keep going but it’s very versatile for that purpose so  

a lot of options with this and it looks pretty in all different colors  

So I hope you enjoyed that that video and if you enjoyed it please hit the like button and the Subscribe button and hit the little notify Bell if you’d like to be notified when we put up new patterns and videos and if you need this pattern it’s in a link  

I believe it’s right up here  

there’s a link for the pattern  

I hope you have fun sewing this week and we’ll see you again next week bye-bye