Flying Geese Pinwheel Quilt Block

Today’s quilt block is a fun “double” pinwheel, made of flying geese. Get the free pdf guide, then watch the video to see how easy it is!

Flying Geese Pinwheel Quilt Block Guide

Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and today I’m going to show you how to make this cute little block this is a flying geese pinwheel and it’s made entirely out of flying geese which are very easy to make and I will be more than happy to show you how to make your flying geese and we’re going to make this cute little pinwheel and here it is different opposite colors very cute so we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and make this cute little block and there is a PDF in the description below that has all of the sizes and quantities and everything that you need and you can download that for free always so let’s head over and get busy

okay to make this block you’re going to need three colors you’re going to need a white or a background color and you’re going to need two contrasting colors and all of the sizes and quantities and everything that you’re going to need are in a PDF that you can download in the description below and it’s always free so what you’re going to need is four of these rectangles in that color and four of the rectangles in another color and then you’re going to need eight squares eight that match one of these and eight that are white so what we’re going to do first of all is we’re going to make a whole bunch of flying geese and that’s all that you need to make this whole pinwheel is flying geese so oops they don’t go that way they go this way so to start with if you’re not familiar with flying geese you’re going to take a rectangle and going to take a square and you’re going to put the square right on one edge and you’re going to sew diagonally now you can draw a line diagonally on all your small squares if you want to or if you don’t want to draw the squares I like to follow a line on my sewing machine swing this over here and show you so like it’s right in the way okay I’ve got this line it’s just a thin piece of tape that I put on my sewing machine so when I need to sew diagonal lines if I line up my this point with the needle where the needle is going to hit and I line up this point with this edge of the line and then I keep it on that edge as I sew I go straight up like this when I’m done I’ve got a perfect seam so then I don’t have to draw all those lines so I like to do that also when you’re sewing diagonally on something especially like flying geese you don’t want to start down here and go this way because these little ends will like to get caught in your sewing machine so always if you can start on the edge that you’ve got a edge of fabric so you can sew straight down this way and it’s much easier than sewing from this open corner so what I’m going to do is I’m going to sew a white square to the right corner of each of these pink rectangles and then I’m going to do the same thing with these blue I’m going to sew a pink square to the right edge of each of these and these are all going to be flying geese so we’ll go ahead and do that and then we’ll proceed from there now that I’ve got all of those diagonal lines sewn I’m going to cut off that corner and leave 1/4 inch seam allowance like so so then I can go press these like this now you have four pieces like this and four pieces like this and what you’re going to do is sew the remaining little squares to the other side of each one of them and repeat that process you’re going to put it here and sew diagonally here so now you have four pieces like this and four pieces like this and when you have your two corners sewn on like this this is this is a flying goose or flying geese that is this it’s a very popular piece that works well in all kinds of different blocks but for our block for this one all we’re going to do is take these I’m going to sew each pair like this so I’ve got like a big pink arrow going like that way and just going to put it like that and sew nice even quarter inch seam right there so I’m going to do that with all four and I will have four little triangles like this now you have four little squares like this this is such an easy block to make and it’s so cute when it’s done I just love this block so what you’re going to do is take two pieces like this and you’re going to turn one this way and sew this right here and you’re going to take the same thing with the other pair put them like this and sew here and now you have two pieces like this and when you’re pressing pieces like these together make sure you press them always the same way for all of them so that when you connect them together they nestle nicely so these are both pressed towards this piece and when I press these I pressed them all towards those pink squares pink triangles so now all you have to do is take this one and turn it around and sew the center seam and then because I press them both towards the turquoise center seam will nestle nicely it reduces bulk and it makes sure your seams line up and your cute little block is done that is one of my favorite pinwheel blocks it’s a little bit different than some of the other pinwheels and it makes a bolder pinwheel and I also made one using the same colors but opposite placement so if you would make a quilt or something you could just alternate the two and that’s all there is to that I hope you enjoyed that block I like that block and that is all there is to making this cute little pinwheel block I’m kind of fond of pinwheels pretty much any kind of pinwheel and I like this one because it’s a little bolder than some other ones some are kind of thin looking and then here it is in this color and I also made it in another color just just for fun it’s a cute block I hope you enjoy this video and I hope you try this block it’s a fun block to make and please hit the Subscribe button and hit the little like button and hit the notification button if you would like to be notified when we put up new videos which are every Saturday morning we put up a new video so I will see you next week for the brand new video until then happy sewing bye bye