Dimensional Pinwheel Quilt Block

Another one of Paulette’s favorite pinwheels, this one is literally 3D. Kids and babies just love a quilt made with this block! It’s super easy to make in any size, check it out!

Dimensional Pinwheel Quilt Block Guide


Video transcript:

hi I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and this week I’m going to show you another one of my favorite pinwheel blocks I kind of like pinwheel blocks this one is a very three-dimensional one you can see that it’s got little raised edges everywhere it’s a very simple block to make but you can see it’s very dimensional it’s got a little openings everywhere

so this block all you need is squares to make it you can’t it it’s it’s about as simple of block as you can make and it’s really cute and kids love it kids love a quilt made out of this so we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and make a cute little three-dimensional pinwheel block and in the

description below there is a PDF you can download that will tell you the sizes and the dimensions and all that kind of stuff and quantities so

Check it out and head over to the sewing machine and let’s get busy

okay you may have already figured out that I am kind of fond of pinwheels and I thought I would show you just one more pinwheel pattern that I really like this one requires two colors four squares of each one it doesn’t matter you can make these 3-in squares 4 inch squares 6 inch squares whatever as long as they’re all the same

I’m using four and a half inch squares for this particular one

okay so you’re going to take four squares that are your pinwheel fabric color and you’re going to

fold them in half diagonally you can finger press this you can iron it whatever you prefer and once you’ve got it folded in half nicely take one corner

fold it up to meet the other corner like so just like that

I’m just going to put a pin right in there to hold that

just like so

do that with all four

of whatever color is your pinwheel my pinwheels are all purple

fold that and then take this corner and just bring it up to meet right up there nice and even and make sure that you fold them all the same direction

now I’ve got all four of my pinwheel pieces pinned like so

remember if you prefer you can press them but it’s not necessary it’s not absolutely necessary and then I’m going to take a background piece and you’re going to sew them right to the corner like so

I’m going to go close to the edge like an 8th inch away and I’m going to sew this down and this down

okay so what I’m going to do and I find it easiest to start from this fold if I start from this end it kind of wants to pull down and just not end up too even so I like to start from right here

going to start right there and I’m going to sew like about an eighth of an inch away

now we just remove the pins

we’re going to sew these together in pairs we’re going to put one this way and one this way

just like so

sew that with a nice even quarter inch seam

and then you’re going to do the same thing with the other pieces just like this

nice even quarter inch seam right down this edge

now you have both of your pieces like this and I’m going to go ahead and press them and I’m going to press them towards the pinwheel part it would they would press easier

this way but if I press them this way it adds a little more dimensional three dimensional to the pinwheel so I’m just going to go press both of those and be right back

now all you do is take your two halves and sew them together along your center seam and because you sewed you pressed them both towards the pinwheel you have a nice pair of seams that will nestle perfectly and you’ll get your center seam lined up nicely

Your pinwheel will match nicely

I’m going to sew my center seam

and there is your finished pinwheel block is that cute or what these are all loose and wide open  little kids love this when my grandkids were real little my grandsons used to put their little GI Joe’s in here and their little action figures they would tuck them in there

I think they were getting away with something by having a couple of action figures in bed with them but anyway there’s your three-dimensional pinwheel block pretty cute isn’t it

and that’s all there is to it to make this cute little pinwheel block I like how it’s so dimensional it makes a nice very cute quilt

for little kids and grandkids and babies and stuff like that it babies like it because there’s stuff that they can hang on to and pull on and stick your fingers in a little kids like to hide stuff in these little pockets so it’s a cute and it’s very like I said it’s very simple it’s four squares of a background color and four squares of a pinwheel color you can get fancy and add borders and all that kind of stuff if you want but I hope you like this video that was a fun one if you’d like the video please hit the like button hit the Subscribe button and hit the little bell if you’d like to be notified and the more you hit the like and subscribe buttons the more YouTube appreciates our efforts and the more exposure we get and the more free videos we can make for you guys so please hit all those little buttons down there we appreciate it and we’ll see you again next week for the brand new video bye bye have a good week