Disappearing Nine Square Quilt Block Five Colors

Today Paulette will show you how to make this simple disappearing nine square quilt block, in five colors. This is a great block for using fussy cuts in the center. Get the free pdf guide, then watch the video to see how easy it is!

Disappearing Nine Square Quilt Block Guide


Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and today I’m going to show you how to make a nine square disappearing block it’s kind of a cute little framed style block and it looks like you’ve got some big squares and some soft small squares and some rectangles there’s no diagonal sewing or cutting on this one so it’s nice and easy it’s very quick you make nine squares and you cut it apart and you’ve got cute little blocks like this and when you use several colors you can have opposite blocks and make all different ones makes it very cute quilt so let’s head over to the sewing machine and get started

today I’m going to show you another disappearing block this is a disappearing nine square slightly different than some of the other ones I’ve shown you and what you’re going to need is you’re going to do this one you’re going to have to make two nine square blocks so you’re going to need two accent squares which will be the center of each of the two blocks and then I’ve got four different colors and I’m using solid colors just so it’s nice and clear what I did I think I’m just going to put these two pink and purple in one square and the blues and greens in one square like so I’m going to just sew these three squares of each row into three little rows and nice accurate 1/4 inch seams I’ve got my three strips sewn and pressed and when you press pieces like this for a 9 square make sure that you pick one color and press towards it on all the pieces like I pressed towards the pink and I counted this as a pink because it’s not a purple so I press towards the pink on all pieces so that when I sew these together they will nestle nicely because they are always going in opposite directions and that also helps you keep your seams lined up and your squares lined up nicely so now I’m going to sew these three strips into one nine square block

Now I’ve got a nice simple nine square block now I’m going to do the same thing with the blues and greens and all right now I’ve got both colors of blocks done so now what you’re going to do with both blocks and I’m going to show you this is you’re going to go take them to your cutting table and you’re going to cut a 2 inch strip off the top and the bottom of each square and then you’re going to cut two inches off the side of each but don’t leave it all together and just make this cut and this cut this cut or you’ll cut off these corners and you don’t want to do that so cut tops and bottoms and then cut sides and you cut two inches these are two inches wide each one of them you do that with both blocks and now you’ve got all of these pieces in your pink purple square and you’ve got all these pieces from your blue green square what you basically do is you swap edges okay so I’m going to just sew these side pieces on here quarter inch seams as always then I’m going to also take your short pink pieces and sew them to the sides of the blue pieces want to go press these towards those strips I just sewed and now I’m just going to sew longer pieces to the side and if you turn this over and this over and they’re going the same direction like here I’m just going to go back and press these this way so they nestle nicely now when you sew these last strips make sure these two seams line up right here and here by your center circle I mean your center square because these ends will hang off these are longer than this because there’s a seam in here so you lose a half an inch right here so this will hang off half an inch this way and this will hang off a half an inch this way so make sure these are lined up these two I have two blocks that are basically opposite of each other and all I’m going to do is cut off those little tabs and you can do that either with your rotary cutter or you can cut them off carefully with your scissors and there we have the two blocks these are right now they’re 10 in square so once you lose your half inch for sewing them into anything these are nine and a half inches so now you know how to make disappearing nine square block these are pretty easy quick to make they make nice quilts this is a good square in the middle that would make something one of your fussy cuts will look really nice in there you can do ones for kids ones for babies ones for people who like something specific flowers in there or whatever animals you can download the PDF it’s in the description below and if you like this video please hit the like button hit the Subscribe button and hit the notify bell so you know when we’re putting up a new video which is every Saturday morning just about 10:00 we put up a new video so we hope you have a good week and we’ll see you again next week bye-bye