Sew Along with Pattern 599 – Picture Windows Table Runner

Today’s sew-along is a very versatile table runner. It looks great in all kinds of color combinations, and is perfect for showing off some favorite fabrics or fussy cuts. Get the pattern, then watch the video to see how to put it together! Here’s the pattern: Picture Windows Quilted Table Runner Pattern–Mug4

Video transcript:

Hi I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and this week I’m going to show you how to make this popular table runner of ours we called the picture window table runner kind of pretty and in the pattern we show it with a lot of different colors and we’ve got it made in a couple different colors on our website and things like that but this time I’m going to do it in monochromatic I’m going to use all different patterns of blue fabrics just to make it look a little different then something fun to look at so we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and get busy sewing on this and if you’re interested in the pattern it is number 599 picture window and the link will be at the end of the video so let’s head over to the sewing machine and get busy

okay to make this table runner I start by putting a Post-It note on every different piece of the fabric that I’ve cut out if these are all the K’s these are the B’s these are the A’s and I just keep them straight that way and I’ve just got them set on a table off to the side and then I’ve cut 10 of these 1 inch strips that are the length of the fabric the width of the fabric so they’re about 42 inches long and I find it’s a lot easier rather than cutting all these little bitty pieces each time you need one I find it easier to sew them on first and then trim it off and then you don’t have any waste either so we’re going to start by taking the A pieces and I’m going to later these are going to get sewn like this they’re going to have a strip of the sashing sewn between them so I’m going to do that there’s two pairs of piece A so I’m going to sew them both like that and then I will just cut them off and make sure you use nice accurate quarter inch seams on all your pieces all right I’ve got these two A pieces done they both got their white little bit of sashing in between and now I’m going to sew them together I’m going to sew them together and put a strip of sashing down the middle you can see as I’m sewing when I get to the end I’ve got the long piece of sashing here and I’m just going to cut it off right I can cut it off now or I can cut it off after I finish the seam but either way also when you’re sewing two pieces together that are crossing each other like this one has a piece here and this one has a piece here even though they’re separated by the sashing strip you want to make sure those two white strips line up in here before you sew this together keep an eye on that all right so this is my four A sections all put together now I’m going to sew sashing strips on each of these ends so next week this is the A sections so now we’re going to take the two B sections and we’re going to sew one on each end and there we have the B sections done now we’re going to sew this is the top and bottom edges right here so that is how high it’s going to be now we’re going to start working out this way to add to the length of it so we’re going to start by putting sashing strips on each of the two long side now this particular runner I’m doing it in all different shades of different fabrics of blue that I got from a fat quarter bundle and I’m doing that because we’ve got a couple of really colorful very versions of the runner on our pattern and on our website so I thought maybe you’d like to see what it looks like kind of monochromatic and see now like this piece of runner of sashing that I’ve been using to sew all these little pieces together isn’t long enough for this so I’ll set it aside because there will be other pieces that are shorter that can use it and then I’ll take a fresh new piece and start sewing these I’m going to set this A and B piece aside for a second and I’m going to take the two C pieces and I’m going to sew sashing on the two short ends of each one now with these pieces I’m going to sew a D piece each end like this so you can see as you go along that this is pretty simple it’s just add some pieces add some sashing add some pieces really a very easy pattern even easy enough for absolute beginners now these two pieces we’ll get sewn to either side of the center piece just like so now we have this much done and now we’re going to add sashing strips to the outside edges now we have both of those done A’s B’s C’s and D’s the next comes E’s we have four E’s and they’re going to be sewn together in pairs with a short strip of sashing in between them like so and then they will get sewn over here go ahead and get the short sashing and now I got the E strips done and they will get sewn to the sides here and here you can you can see what I’m doing is I’m just adding sashing and then I’m adding a strip of whatever of like two or three pieces and then another strip of sashing and then some more pieces another strip of sashing and you just keep going all the way across the whole thing starting from the center and you’re working your way out on both sides I’m now sewing sashing strips to the two short ends of the of the F pieces which are your main pieces if you have some kind of a fabric that you want to spotlight or highlight or anything the G pieces come next one on each end of each F piece like so each piece is next separated by a short piece of sashing in the middle now these H pieces get sewn on the side each side of the runner and on the J strips you only sew a strip of sashing on one long side of each piece next the K pieces get sewn together in pairs with a strip of sashing in between along their short edges okay now you join these pieces together like this got two pairs of those now you sew sashing strips to the short ends of each of these both ends now we sew the L strips we both ends these two pieces now these last sections get sewn to the ends of the runner with the stripes going this way that is all the pieces put on and it’s all set now if you want you have two options here you can leave it this big and go ahead and bind it you know quilt it and bind it or if you want you can add another row of sashing around the whole entire outside edge and you did cut enough sashing for that so if you wanted a little bit bigger right now it’s just about 15 inches so it would be about 16 inches you’re only going to add an inch in width and inch in length otherwise we’re all set so now you know how to make the picture window table runner it’s a pretty one isn’t it I kind of like it in the blues it’s kind of different and this one when it’s finished is 16×49 inches a nice good size for a lot of tables so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please hit the like button hit the Subscribe button and of course hit the notification bell if you want to be notified whenever we have a new video up and the link for this pattern is in the description up here somewhere so you can download it and make your own very pretty table runner and wouldn’t these be cute if you made smaller ones and made them into placemats okay have a good week happy sewing I will see you again next week bye-bye