Woven Star Quilt Block

Paulette uses four bright colors to show you how easy this woven star quilt block is to make!

Woven Star Quilt Block Guide


Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette from tulip square and today I’m going to show you how to make a woven star block this is kind of a cute block similar to a magic card trick block a little bit but it just kind of an intricate little way to interweave a couple of they almost look like a little ribbons don’t they but it’s a pretty block and it’s very easy to do you just need four colors and a white so we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and make this block  

ok to make this block you’re going to need white plus four different colors that contrast nicely with each other and I’m just going to use red yellow blue and green because it’ll be really easy to follow in the pattern so you’re going to start with and you’ve only got two pieces of each of the four colors so you don’t need a lot  

so you’re going to start with the  

these pieces and you’re going to take  

little white squares  

and you’re going to put them in the corner of each eight of these the large ones and the small ones  

like so and on the small ones you’re going to sew that diagonally this way lower right to upper left  

on the bigger ones you’re going to sew it the opposite way you’re going to go lower left to upper right so they’re going to go this way  


you can either draw a line on each of these  

and sew along the line or if you’ve got a line on your sewing machine you can follow that I’m just going to put the lines on two pieces so you can see clearly the directions you’re doing the two different sizes  so all the small ones get sewn like that  

and all four large ones get sewn like that  

So go ahead and sew all of those  

and then we’ll continue

and once you got all those corners sewn  

you’re going to cut off the excess 

leave a quarter inch seam allowance on each piece and then you’re going to press these all towards the corners so you do that with all of them both sizes same thing only different direction for the bigger ones  

go this way but you press towards the corners they end up looking like this 

okay now you’ve got four pieces long like this and four short ones one of each color so next what you’re going to do is set this all the long ones aside for a second and take the small ones and the large white squares  

and you’re going to sew a large white square to 

each one of these small pieces along the longer edge of color just like that a nice quarter inch seam right along here so do that with all four of the smaller pieces and the white squares  

now you’ve got these four pieces like this one of each color  

and you’ve got your four longer pieces so we’re going to take one of these  

and sew one of these to it like this  

just like that so what I’m going to do is sew the short yellow to the long red then I’m going to take the short red and sew it to the long blue  

I’m trying to keep these in order and then I’m going to take the long the short blue because I just used the long blue and I’m going to sew this one to the long green  

I’m going to take the short green and sew it to the long yellow  

you end up with let me back this a little bit  

you end up like this  

short yellow long red so the next short color you use is red short red long blue short blue long green short green long yellow  

all those four pairs together  

okay now you’ve got four pieces all sewn together like this and all we have to do is put the four together so how you do this is  

whatever color is your short color here you’re 

going to take the long color and connect them so you’ve got a long green here  

if I take these two  

put them like this I’ve got the long red  

swing around and do it this way I’ve the long blue so it doesn’t matter how you pair them up just depends on how you want them to look  

do this  

pair up  

short green with the long green so they become one strips We’re going to sew those two together  

and then we’re going to sew these two together  

Now you just have two strips like this and you just swing this around and sew this  

together and then you’ll notice that all of your colors have nice intersecting strips we’re just going to sew that together and make sure you line up all your square so it looks good  

there it is block is finished I was awfully quick and easy wasn’t it cute little block  

kind of looks like the card trick but it’s a star  

now you know how to make the woven star block this block when it’s put together like this it would be a 9 in square block in a quilt or something it’s pretty easy wasn’t it just  

A lot easier than it looks it goes real quick these are really fast blocks to make so I hope you enjoyed that and if you would like to download the link  the link to download it is in a link  

there’s a link to download it right up here somewhere and if you like this video please hit the like button and the Subscribe button YouTube loves that when we get more likes and subscribes and I hope you come back next Saturday because we put up a new video every Saturday morning I will see you again next week bye-bye