Sew Along with Pattern 577 – Dinner Diamonds Placemats

Several of you have requested the Dinner Diamonds Placemats Pattern as a video, so here it is! No need to be intimidated by all of the angles, Paulette will show you how easy this is to make! follow along with the pattern: 577 Dinner Diamond Placemat Pattern

Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and this week I’m going to do one that was been requested by our customers this is called dinner diamonds it’s pattern number 577 it’s a little placemat set and some people are kind of intimidated by the amount of diamonds and diagonal work on it and it’s there’s not really very much with in actuality so I’m just going to show you how to make that pattern it is number 577 and I’ll put a link for it at the end of this video so we’re going to head over the sewing machine and get started  

all right for this pattern you’re going to need light and dark colors that contrast nicely as well as a white I’m using these two fabrics and some off-white here and these are both from Connecting Threads from a really cute collection that’s all fruit and stuff and if you’re interested in Connecting Threads fabric where we buy a lot of our fabrics there will be a link a link in the description below  

but anyway I’m kind of anxious to make the set because I’m keeping it for my own kitchen we’re going to start with my light and dark squares  

both the same size I think they’re three and a quarter inches but I’m not sure it’s it’s in the pattern and the pattern for this by the way will be in a link at the end of the video so I’m going to start by taking pairs of them and sewing them together with a quarter inch seam  

Now I’m going to press these towards the darker color  

and then I’m going to sew them together in pairs like that 

so we have a nice little checkerboard of cute little fruit pictures  

now I’ve got those little squares done and I’m going to set those aside  

and we’re going to take our white squares  

we’re going to take we have the light color triangles 

I’m going to take the triangles  

and we’re going to sew one to each square when you put these on  

it’s going to look like  

it’s a little too big up here  

let me show you this up close and see how it overhangs a little bit and that’s correct because once you sew your quarter inch seam  

that little corner is going to open up and it’s going to make it so the triangle comes right to the top of your square make sure you’re sewing here and not here so your triangle is facing this way and go ahead and do that on all of your white squares  

Now you’ve got these little pieces like this  

okay now you’re going to take a second triangle  

of the light colored fabric and you’re going to sew it  

up here we’re going to put it here  

and sew a quarter inch seam right across here  

and go ahead and do that with all of these pieces and then press it towards the triangle 

now you can see that once you press them towards the triangles that all you’ve got left from that extra little corner of the triangle is your seam allowance left here for the next seams so that’s exactly how you want it so we’re done with that and now we’re going to take the remaining  

white and light triangles  

and you’re going to sew them together in pairs  

half of the remaining pieces together with the triangle like this the colored triangle on the left and half of them  

with the colored triangle on the right  

So now you have a stack of pieces with the triangles like this and a stack of pieces with a triangles like this  

Ok now you’re going to take the square and you’re going to sew a triangle on the top of it  

with a white over on the left and your pattern color on the right  

just going to put this down like so  

and do a nice quarter inch seam across there  

after you’ve sewn your triangle on here you’re going to turn it just like this and you’re going to take the opposite kind of triangle  

you’re going to sew it here so you’ve got two white edges together like this  

put this one here  

and sew this down and you have to remember when you’re sewing these pieces on your little triangle corners will hang off and that’s that’s okay they’re supposed to be what you’re important thing is is to line up your two seams and the corners will take care of themselves later  

Now you’ve got two of your triangle pieces sewn here and here  

Back this up just a little bit  

extra stuff out of the way  

now you’re going to take one of these pieces you made earlier  

With the white with the triangle on each side  

you’re going to turn this and put this right here  

what you need to do is line up these seams and don’t worry about this extended corner  

want these seams right here to line up  

and sew your quarter inch seam you got eight pieces like this so what you’re going to do is take two of them flip one around and it’s going to go like this  

and you’re going to sew those seams together now on this one you have to make sure that if you line them up  

edge and this edge all of these squares are going to be off so what you have to do is line them up  

with your your seams  

worry about the edges later but you’re just lining them up with the seams of the little squares  

after that seam is sewn  

once you open this you will see that your edges magically line up with each other just like they’re supposed to so I’m going to go press that one and then we’re going to keep going  

Now you’ve got a piece like this and what you’re going to do is sew one of your short pieces  

of border to each of the two short ends like that go ahead and sew those  

And once you’ve got that done  

then all you have to do is add your longer seams your longer border pieces  

at the top and the bottom there you go and that placement is done so I hope you enjoyed that video that was kind of a fun pattern to make wasn’t it and so now you know how to make dinner diamonds and you can see from our original pattern with the shades of blue and how we made it today with this colorful fabric you can get quite a variation on one pattern just by using different fabric and if you like this fabric this cute fruit selection we got this at Connecting Threads and we have a link to their shop in the description below and we also have a link for this pattern up in this corner here and if you like this video please hit the like button hit the Subscribe button and hit the little bell if you want to be notified when we put up new patterns which we do every Saturday so we hope you had fun happy sewing this week and we will see you again next week with a brand new video bye-bye