Sewing Room Tour

As promised, here are all the cool things I showed you in our sewing room, plus a few that I forgot to mention. Hey, it was my first video, I was bound to miss something!  😄 (Watch the video here: Sewing Room Video Tour)

I think I put them in the order they appear in the video, and also added a few things that I thought you might be interested in as well….like the BEST left-handed scissors I found for Paulette!

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A steam iron standing on an ironing board

Here is the iron I use: Beautural Steam Iron

Two flower shaped thread cutters. One is pink, the other is green and shown in a woman's hand.

The nifty thread cutter:  Blade Saver

Two containers of colorful plastic sewing clips, side by side

Cute little tin of sewing clips: Quilt Clips in Tin

Sewing machine with Teflon sheet

This is the slick sheet that covers the gap between my sewing machine and table. I carefully cut mine out around the plate so I can leave it in place all the time, and not have to move it every time I change the bobbin or clean the machine. They also have them with grids, but I prefer the plain white: Gliding Teflon Sheet

Cutting system with large cutting mat and sliding ruler

Here’s the awesome cutting system we use, we actually have two of these! Mom’s is in the other room: QuiltCut 2 System

If you want to be overwhelmed by all kinds of different cool rulers and stuff, check out their whole store: QuiltCut Store on Amazon

If you don’t want to be overwhelmed, but want a great set of rulers, try these: 7 Piece Ruler Set

Five assorted quilting rulers

Another brand we trust for rulers is Omnigrid. We have several of their rulers, but the ones we get asked about most often are these little ones. They’re a half inch wide, with a quarter inch line down the middle. They’re so useful, and handy to have right by your sewing machine: Omnigrid 3 Pack Rulers

If you’re new to quilting and want some basics to get started, this is a nice set to begin with, from a trusted brand: Olfa Cutter/Mat/Ruler Set

Olfa also has a great store for a variety of rotary cutters, and cutting mats of all sizes: Olfa Store on Amazon

Two yellow rotary cutters, one upside down, on a white gridded cutting surface

Here are the titanium blades from Fabric Hut, and they are half price if you use this link! It’s a special offer for our followers, so be sure to take advantage! Titanium Rotary Blades

Dark blue balance ball chair

Here’s our awesome ball chair, we seriously love these things and have them in all different colors, at various work stations in both our homes. I actually swapped this one for a green one in the video, because I did the video at night and the green was easier to see. There’s lots of colors available: Balance Ball Chair

Two quilting gripper rings, slightly overlapping

These handy free motion quilting rings: FMQ Gripper Rings

A colorful variety of thread spools in a drawer. A woman's hand is shown, demonstrating that there are two layers of thread in wooden trays.

Our absolute favorite thread: Connecting Threads Essential™ thread sets

A selection of folded fabrics

We really do love their fabrics also! Here’s just a sampling from some of their fat quarter bundles. We tend to keep our precut bundles together, and sort the larger yardage by color. Connecting Threads Precuts & Samplers

A selection of folded fabrics

We’re also fans of their blender fabrics, like Mirage, Faux Tweed, and Spritz Tonals, for when you want a color that’s not quite solid.  Connecting Threads Blender Fabrics

Clear plastic box of bobbins with hinged lid

One thing I meant to show you, we keep a separate bobbin box for each sewing machine, because they all take slightly different bobbins! It’s nice to wind a bunch at once, then it’s easy to grab one out of the box when your bobbin thread runs out. It’s also handy to have extra bobbins so you can have some different colors to choose from. Bobbin Box

Two pairs of scissors

The other thing I forgot, is Paulette’s left handed scissors! A couple years ago, I went on a mission to find the best left handed pair for her, for Christmas, and I do believe I found them! She loves them! I got her a set with a large left-handed pair, and two smaller pair of regular scissors, and she’s very happy with all of them. (Smallest ones are not pictured, she brought them home for her embroidery.) They are great scissors, and very comfortable to use. They have a nice variety of scissors for every need. They have two different types of left handed scissors. One kind does not change the blades, just the handles. The other kind is the true left handed. You can see in the photo that the opposite blade is on top. (Large scissors are lefty, small are regular righty.) This is the set I got her: Lefty 3-Piece Scissors Set

Wall of colorful folded fabrics in cube shelves, sorted by color.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our studio! If you spotted anything interesting that I missed telling you about, just let us know, and I’ll add it here.

Thanks for visiting, and happy sewing! 


  1. Great video. I’m wondering what machine Paulette uses. I’m looking for something that has a built in walking foot. One that won’t break the bank. Thanks.

    1. Hello, Paulette uses a Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930, and also a Janome Memory Craft 8900 QCP. We don’t know of any machine that has a built in walking foot, but pretty much any machine will have a walking foot available for it. Hope that helps! 😊🌷

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