Sew Along with Pattern 636 – Easy Holiday Tree Skirt

Today Tes will show you her new Christmas tree skirt pattern. You don’t need any special tools or templates for this easy method. Follow along with the pattern: 636 Easy Holiday Tree Pattern

Video transcript:

hi I’m Tes Scholtz with Tulip Square and today I’m going to show you how to make this big beautiful tree skirt I’m going to show you this method that doesn’t require any angled ruler or any kind of special template or anything super easy to do and all the instructions and measurements and everything will be in a pattern at the end of the video so make sure you watch the whole thing and let’s head over to the sewing machine and I’ll show you how easy it is  

so you have all your strips cut  

now all you have to do is sew them together in order it’s this is my white right here so red white green white red white green white etc.  

as always make sure you do nice quarter inch seams on everything  


now we have all of our panels  

like this they should all be the same length and just to make sure edges are even  

we’re going to trim the edges just slightly just like it says in the pattern  

when you press these you just want to press them all in the same direction  

now that you have them trimmed all to exactly the same size  

you’re going to cut them in half 

you’re going to cut them diagonally from corner to corner  

now here’s the important part you’re going to cut half of them this way you’re going to cut the other half of them this way okay 

now once you cut it in half on the diagonal then you’ve got   

these pieces so if you spin one around you see  

you have two pieces that are exactly the same  

and then the ones that you cut in the other direction  

you’ll have two pieces exactly the same that go this way so next what you’re going to do you’re going to pair these up  

one of these pieces  

one of these pieces  

you’re going to line those up  

then you’re going to sew those together  

you’ll sew that right along that longest longest edge  

before you sew the seam here  

let’s make sure that you selected the right pieces okay so see right now all of your seams are pressed and they’re all going down so they’re not nesting properly 

but just pick a different one  

because you have enough that will automatically nest correctly you just have to make sure you pick the right pairs see that now they’re nesting properly  

You want to make sure you choose the right pairs because there’s exactly enough  

for all of them to nest correctly then you’re going to sew this 

longest side nice quarter inch seam  

sew all your pairs together like that 

now you’ve got this sewn together  

you can press those in either directions it’s fine or you can even wait till it’s done and press everything   

so now you’re going to take all of these  

kite sort of shaped pieces  

and sew them together make sure you nest your seams you’re going to sew all of these together until you have a circle and  

you’re going to leave the very last seam unsewn  

just like the picture in the pattern shows now as you’re sewing these pieces all together you’re going to have a lot of bulk right here at the end don’t even worry about that just kind of sew off the edge because we’re about to cut this off anyway the next thing you do is to trim off this middle section  

you can decide how big of an opening you want here I’m just going to cut it just outside of this red just like right around in here just kind of follow the line of your stripes and then it will be ready for quilting and binding and okay so here is your tree skirt  

and see at the bottom there where I left it open  

so this looks really large when I’m holding it up but when it’s under the tree it’s a really nice size so I hope you like that pattern and if you did please hit the like button hit the little bell so you get notified every time we put up a new video and don’t forget to subscribe  

We’ll see you next week with a brand new pattern or a block or whatever we come up with happy sewing  

I am tes scholtz with tulip square and today I’m going to show you how to make this  

I’m stepping on it and let’s hop over to the showing machine and I’ll sew you  

darn it  😀