Downtown Quilt Block

The downtown quilt block is a simple three color design, which looks quite different depending on how you use it in your project! Have a look at the PDF guide to see the difference with and without sashing.

Downtown Quilt Block Guide

Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette from Tulip Square and today I’m going to show you how to make a block we’re calling it downtown almost looks like sailboats doesn’t it  

we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and make the downtown block  

okay for this pattern you’re going to need white and two contrasting colors I’m using a blue print and a gold print and you’re going to start  

by taking your gold squares and your  

white squares of the same size and you’re going to draw a diagonal line  

on each white square and pair it up with a gold square and then you’re going to sew on each side of  

that line you drew quarter inch away make sure it’s a nice accurate quarter inch away and once you’ve sewn those then you’re going to cut on the line you drew  

you end up with two half square triangles from each piece with no wasted fabric  

and then you’re going to press them towards the gold  

go ahead and do all that with your  

gold and white squares  

okay now you got eight of these triangle pieces and what you’re going to do is make  

two pieces like this where you sew this edge of the white to this edge of the gold like so you’ve got a white a big gold corner up here and a big white corner up here  

and then you’re going to sew oppositely  

you’re going to sew the other two pairs like this  

white up here and gold up here  

Now you’ve got two pieces like this and two pieces like this and we’re going to set those aside for a minute and you’re going to take  

four of these blue rectangles  

we’re going to make flying geese  

you’ve got white squares  

we’re going to sew  

white square on one end of each piece like this oops turn the fabric over okay  

I’m going to sew  

diagonally and you can either draw a line on each one or you can follow a line on your sewing machine like I like to do I’ve got  

I’ll show you this over here  

I got this thin line of tape  

attached to my sewing machine and if I put my needle in the center position and I sew with let me get this a little closer  

I put this point on the left edge of that little black line  

and I put this other end on this edge of the black line I can just follow this up as I sew and I keep this on the black line  

when I’m done I’ve got a straight quarter inch seam so I do that rather than drawing them  

but that’s a personal choice not right or wrong it’s just a way to do it also when you’re sewing the diagonal line on something it’s easier to start up here where you’ve got a piece of fabric rather than starting down here where your sewing machine may have a tendency to chew up that end a little bit  

I always start up here  

so go ahead and sew a white square onto this left edge of each four pieces of the blue  

once you’ve got the corner sewn on like this you’re going to leave it both of layers and you’re going to cut through both layers and cut it off leaving a 

quarter inch seam allowance like that  

and then you’re going to press this  

this towards the corner so do that with the four pieces  

and then we’ll move on now you’ve got four pieces like this and you’re going to take your remaining white squares and sew them to the other side  

the same thing over here  

and sew this way  

and you will go right over that corner of that white and of this and that’s correct  

go ahead and sew all of those now we do the same thing with these corners  

We cut off the corner  

and press that back like so now you have four flying geese now what you’re going to do is take the flying geese and take your pieces like this and you’re going to sew one  

flying goose  

to this edge of each one so you’re kind of making a diamond shape here  

just like that blue on the right  you’re going to sew all four like that now I’m just going to press these towards the blue triangles okay so now you’ve got four pieces like this two look like this with the gold  

on the right and two pieces looks like this with a gold square on the left so what you’re going to do is pair them up one of each like this with the gold squares kind of towards each other and you’re going to take one of your blue  

rectangles and you’re going to sew it right on each side of these two and you’re going to do the same thing with the other pair now I’m going to press these towards the blue strips now you have two pieces like this  

going to set those aside a second and take our last two blue rectangles  

and you’re going to sew them together with a gold square in between them  

I have a strip like this and I also pressed those towards the two blue rectangles  

you’re going to take one of these  

put this in the middle  

and the other one of these and put this in the middle now the only thing you have to decide is do you want  

the four gold corners in the middle  

or do you want the four white corners in the middle I think I like that better so I’m going to just sew this strip to here   

and make sure you nestle your seams here so they’re nice and even and you sew that center strip to the other side and I’m just going to go press it and it’ll be all done  

All done isn’t that cute kind of looks like sailboats doesn’t it  hope you enjoyed that one 

and so now you know how to make the downtown block you can also see that there’s different ways you can put the squares together just to give you a little variety this block when you put it together like this is a 10 inch be a 10 inch block it’s got its seam allowances so when it’s put together it would be a 10 inch block so if you like this video please hit the like button and then subscribe button and hit the little notify Bell if you want to be notified of when we put up new patterns which is every Saturday morning and if you want the PDF for this that shows you the quantities and the sizes of all the pieces there’s a link for it right up here somewhere so we hope you have a good week sewing and we will see you again next Saturday with a brand new video bye-bye