Sew Along with Pattern 589 – English Garden Table Runner

Today we have a really fun table runner tutorial, it’s our English Garden Table Topper pattern, and Tes will show you how easy it is to put together!

Video transcript:

Hi I’m Tes Scholtz with Tulip Square and today we’re going to make this English garden table runner

This is a really fun runner to make it’s our pattern number 589 English garden table runner we’ve made it in a few different color combinations and it always turns out really nice it’s a fun pattern to make now before we get started I just have a quick note about our free 24-hour pattern promotions that we’ve been doing this is another one this is normally a paid pattern and for the next 24 hours from the time that the video goes up it will be free for you now the link to the pattern will be in the video this time we’re doing it that way because the whole point of offering you the free pattern is so that you don’t have to pay for a pattern in order to follow along with the video however if you’re not going to watch the video then we’re not going to be able to continue to offer you the free patterns so what we ask is that you watch the entire video and then go download the pattern that really helps our channel and that will allow us to continue to give you the 24-hour free patterns that said let’s go make a table runner

so the first thing we do is take our two long strips of fabric and sew them together in pairs

Now we’re going to take these and press them toward the darker color I’m going to press them toward the pink color and then we’re going to cut these into two inch wide pieces and we’ll have a total of 32 two inch wide chunks okay now I have 32 of these pieces that we took press that open cut that strip into two inch pieces and I will take these and we’re going to pair them up like so stitch them into checkerboards I take each pair flip one around turn it over make sure those seams are nestled nicely like that

Sew a bunch of checkerboards together

okay these are all pressed open and now we will take the print squares

sew one of these to each of that now make sure that you keep your squares all in the direction it shows on the pattern this is very important if you want them to line up correctly so where the pattern says orange mine is pink so you want to make sure the pink is at the bottom there

line that up and sew those together we’re going to do that with all of these

now you’re going to take seven of these

You’re going to sew another checkered square to the other side

We’ll leave two of them alone because they will become the end pieces a little later

want to make sure this is in the same direction as this pink this way pink this way do not want it this way it’s going to screw up the whole thing don’t put it this way put it this way now we take five of these strips five of them get a white block sewn to each end two of them get a white block sewn on one end and then these two pieces that we made earlier get one white one sewn to this end

on these pieces you want to sew it to the checkered end sew the white square to the checkered end only

Going back and getting my first five so that I can sew the white square to the other end

I will press all of these and then I will show you the pieces we have okay now we have five of these long strips two of these medium strips and two of these shorter strips

we have nine strips total now we’re going to take our triangle pieces and we’re going to sew one to the white end of each of these just like that line it up here line it up here sew right across this little corner will stick off that’s fine make sure you line it up on the long edges you’re going to sew one of those here here here all nine of these pieces lined up nicely along the top and along the side and this point will stick off and that’s that’s exactly how it should be

now we’re going to take the five longest ones the five strips that had the white square at each end and just to those ones we’re going to sew another triangle to the other end

it’s going to go the same way lined up with the top and lined up with the side that way when you sew it and flip it open it’s going to be the opposite see this one goes that way this one goes this way

just to the longest five you’re going to have two of these triangles left and we will use those in a minute

now we’re going to take two of these big white rectangles and we’re going to sew the last two triangles to the end of that just like we did with the other piece line it up with the top and the side

and then we’re going to take our squares same color as the triangles sew them to the other end of these two rectangles now we’re going to take all of this stuff and go press everything and we will be right back to assemble all these strips together okay now we have all our pieces here you have the five these longest ones with a triangle at each end

Two of these medium ones two of these shorter ones and two of these white ends so first thing we do set these and set the five longest ones aside and we’ll set these ends aside take these and we line them up like so take one of the medium length and one of the next shorter length line them up so that the square edges are even with each other and everything else should line up with it so the triangle goes over the white square sew that together like this make sure all your little seams nestle together nicely

I’ll do that one more time line up these edges so they’re even with each other these seams should line up with each other as well over and nest your seams together

Sew that quarter inch seam

now you have two pieces that look like that and you’re going to take each one of those and our final two white rectangles sew that rectangle to the end right here

now we’re going to press these and then we will start stitching all of the strips together okay now we have our two end pieces we’re going to take one and set it aside

take this piece going to start sewing our strips the long strips onto this piece line it up let all the little seams line up and a white square always goes under yellow triangle and this triangle will attach to the rectangle at the other end line up all your seams

now we’re going to take the next stripe and line it up the same way

the yellow triangle goes under the white square

White square under the yellow triangle the yellow triangles will form a line down either side

Nest all your seams together

press that and then we’re just going to keep adding these one at a time until all of these five long strips are all sewn on okay so here’s where we started with the end piece with the rectangle now we’ve sewn on all of our strips our long strips now we’re going to sew on the other end piece we’re going to take this end piece with the rectangle the white rectangle there we’re going to line that up line up the white square and triangle line up the white rectangle and triangle sew those together sew that

Then we’ll press this and then we’ll sew the last two pieces on okay now to finish this off at each end we’re going to sew one of these rectangle lines up with the other square this square lines up with the yellow triangle make sure you line up these seams right here sew that right on there

And then do the same exact thing on the other end we’re going to do the same thing to the other end line this up just like that

that’s it I’m going to press these

That is your runner

There you have it there is your English garden table runner it’s a fun pattern to put together isn’t it and the link to the pattern is on the screen right now so go ahead and download that after the first 24 hours it will go back to its regular price so make sure you subscribe to our Channel and hit that little bell to be notified every time we put up a new video that way you won’t miss the 24 hour freebies don’t forget all we ask is that you watch the whole video then download the pattern if you liked today’s video make sure you hit that like button and we will see you next week happy sewing