Scrappy Split Stripe Quilt Block

Today Tes has a great way to use up your scrap fabric strips! Check out the pdf guide to see a few different examples of how it can be used.

Scrappy Split Stripe Quilt Block Guide

Video transcript:

Hi I’m Tes Scholtz with Tulip Square and today I’m going to show you how to take all your scrappy little strips and turn them into this scrappy quilt block 

cute isn’t you’ll love of this one all of the measurements and things that you need are in a PDF you can download in the description and also we show you there how it’ll look in different configurations and stuff so always make sure to download our PDFs they’re free for our quilt blocks and it shows you everything you need so go ahead and get that  

and then we will head over to the sewing machine and make this Split Stripes Scrappy Quilt Block say that 10 times fast 

okay let’s make some scrappy squares shall we to start off with well I’ve got four of these  

7 inch squares and we’re going to set those aside for now and I’ve got all of these strips that I’ve cut out of my scraps now these are all between seven and a half and eight inches long you want to make sure they’re at least seven and a half inches long make sure you have room to trim a little bit if you need to  

and these are some of these are an inch wide some are an inch and a quarter some are an inch and a half and then the two on the ends are a little bit wider  

a little bit just to make sure I have plenty of room to trim if I need to so I have enough for one square and then I have another set so I have nine strips of various sizes in each one  

okay so the first thing we’re going to do  

First we’re just going to sew all of these strips together so this will be one square and then this will be one square so let’s do that  

I might have accidentally switched at some point but  

that’s okay  

another good reason why to leave a little extra to trim off  

I’m just going to press these both and doesn’t matter what direction just whatever is easiest  

now I’ve got these and I definitely did switch at some point because I don’t think those two were next to each other I’m going to trim both of these to 7 inches square  

now we have these two squares cut to 7 inches and we’re going to take each one  

and one of our background color we’re going to line that up really nice then  

you’re going to draw a line diagonal line right down the middle  

and then you’re going to sew a quarter inch on either side of that line you want to do them both the same so your stripes lining up this way  

go this corner to this corner on both of them 

nice quarter inch seam  

now you’ve sewn on either side of that line we’re just going to cut it in half  right on the line that you drew  

now we’re just going to open these and press them  

now you have four of these   

There is the one half and there is the other half   

you’re going to take  

two of them that came from one half  

Put them like that  

Then you’re going to take the other ones and place them like that  

Then you’ll just pair these up  

sew that together  

sew that together  

now you’ve got your two halves and we’re just going to sew it together right along there   

line up your center seam  

and there it is your scrappy split stripe Quilt Block  

and there you have it a scrappy split stripe Quilt Block wasn’t that fun and easy and you can vary the  

stripes however you want anything you want imagine this as a whole quilt would love to see that if anybody makes this as an entire quilt please send us pictures because we’d love to see that so if you liked this block and you like this video please hit that like button subscribe to our Channel and hit that little bell if you want to be notified every time we put up a new video don’t forget to check out our website at where you can find all of our free blocks and our patterns as well and don’t forget to share this video with your quilting friends we will see you next week with a brand new video and until then happy sewing