Impossible Twist Quilt Block

Today Tes has another “impossible” quilt block for you. It’s an optical illusion with a twist! Make sure to check out the guide to see how different it can look when used in a variety of ways.

Impossible Twist Quilt Block Guide

Video transcript:

Hi I’m Tes Scholtz with Tulip Square and today I’m going to show you how to make this Quilt Block I’m calling it The Impossible twist block because it’s got that Escher-esque 

kind of impossible  

geometry to it so let’s go over to the sewing machine and I will show you how easy and fun this one is to make  

To begin you’re going to take your darkest color and your white and you’re going to sew a nice diagonal line right here   

in two opposite corners you can either draw a line there with a ruler  

follow that line  

or you can do like I’m doing and just follow a line on your sewing machine  

that lines up with your needle  

this is just a simple striping tape  

We have a link to that in the description and also a link to a special quarter inch tape that you can buy that’s made just for it as well see if I line up the needle with the one end  

the point of the fabric with the line on my machine and you’ll get a perfectly you’ll get a perfectly straight diagonal line  

 nice and straight I’m just going to do the same thing with the opposite corner nice diagonal line  

I’m just going to press that toward the dark color and then I’ll set that piece aside for a moment  

Now you’re going to take your medium color  

and your darkest color and line up the square with the rectangle sew another diagonal line right along here, to the top right   

you’re going to make two of those for each block now if you wanted to save fabric  

you could certainly make this section  

as a half square triangle and then have this as a separate piece of fabric or you can do what I’m about to show you and sew another line half an inch away  

this is the line that’s called for now I’ve sewn a second line half inch away  

and I’m just going to cut between those two lines  

this is the piece we require for the pattern and then you have an extra bonus  

half square triangle that you can use for a matching project or save it for a scrappy quilt or whatever you want I do this all the time anytime I make flying geese or anything like that just going to take those and press them toward the corner now we have the first piece we made and we have these two pieces  

going to  

one here and one there lining up the dark darkest color into a diagonal line we’re going to line up for nice quarter inch seam here  

and line that up and sew a nice quarter inch seam there I’m just going to press that toward  

the outside and then I will set this piece aside for a minute  

Now we’re going to work on our outside strips so you have here you have your light color your white and your medium color I’m going to take the medium color on one end and the white square at the other end you’re going to sew them from here to there on both sides  

Or if you’re putting it straight up it’s from the lower left to the upper right 

and if you spin it around also from the lower left to the upper right you want them both going in the same  

direction you want to make two of these strips exactly the same and it’s worth mentioning again when you’re doing a diagonal like this if you have the choice  

Don’t start at this corner where your machine is going to chew up that corner you want to start at this corner  

where you have some fabric to work with that way you’re  

less likely to have an issue now we’re just going to cut off all of these corners and press them out  

again to save fabric these could either be half square triangles and a separate piece or you could sew and then cut and save these corners but I really like the clean look of this being all one piece of fabric here now we have the middle piece that we made and we’re going to add this on one side and the other side matching up the  

medium color here  

sew a nice seam right there then flip this one sew a nice seam right there and there is your finished block I love it when my seams line up as nicely if they did on this one because believe me they don’t always heh they turned out quite nice today not so impossible is it and there you have it now you have your impossible twist quilt block all finished that was easy wasn’t it I hope you like this video if you did please hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and hit that little bell if you want to be notified every time we put up a new video  

All of the measurements you need to create this Quilt Block are in a free pdf cutting guide that you can download There’s a link in the description below so don’t forget to check that out check out our website at and we will see you next week with a brand new video and until then Happy Sewing