Ribbon Bow Quilt Block

Today’s quilt block video looks like a ribbon tied in a fancy bow! It’s easy to make, get the free cutting guide and watch the video to see!

Carol’s Corners Quilt Block Guide

Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and this week I’m showing you how to make this cute ribbon bow block it’s pretty quick and easy it’s done with just squares and rectangles so not too difficult for anybody and you will find a free pdf for it in the description below so we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and get started and make this cute little block let’s go 

okay so for this ribbon block video what you’re going to need is light and dark shades of the same color I’m going to make this one in red that’ll be kind of pretty and you also need white or very light contrasting fabric  

now to start with you’re going to take the light colored rectangles and you’re going to sew a white square  to the left edge and you’re going to sew it diagonally like this now you can do that one of two ways you can either draw a line on the white square and then follow it with your stitching or what I like to do  

is put it on my sewing machine because I’ve got a line of skinny tape  

just on my sewing machine that I can follow whenever I’m doing a straight center seam  

so all I have to do with this  

is make sure my needle is lined up with the top point and the other point is lined up with this the left side of that line and then when I sew  

I keep that point right against that line when I’m sewing then I’ve got the perfect  

diagonal line without drawing it because if when you’re working on something that’s got a lot of diagonal lines you get sick of drawing them pretty quick so I’m going to go ahead and sew all these and when you sew something like a diagonal line make sure you start on this top edge where you’ve got another piece of fabric as opposed to starting  down here where this will be more likely to get chewed up by your machine and caught a little bit so start on this end and do all eight of the light colored ones with the white square  

I’ll do that and be right back  

all right so once you got that done what you’re going to do  is

you’re going to cut off that outside triangle a quarter of an inch away from the seam you did so that you’re leaving a quarter inch seam allowance  

Like that you’re going to cut all of those off and then I’m going to press them open like this now you’ve got eight of these all done and we’re going to set those aside for a minute and you’re going to take your  

darker rectangles and you’re going to put  

a white square on each one but this time you’re going to put it so how these were this way  

You’re not going to do that  

it’s going to be sewn this way  

going to swing it over this way so I can start at the edge of the fabric and I’m going to sew the four pieces this way now I’m going to cut these and trim them just like I did the light red ones cutting off that corner and pressing it this way and then you will see  that your two pieces are opposite so make sure they are  

now you have eight of these and four of these so now with these you’re going to take your remaining four white squares and you’re going to put them on the other side  

and you’re going to sew them  

they’re going to be sewn this way  

right so when it’s done it looks like that so I’m going to go ahead and sew these four squares on  

and then same as before  cut the corners off be sure you leave a seam allowance it’s about a quarter of an inch  

and I’m going to go press these open and then we move on to the next step  

so normally when I press pieces like this that have a corner in the piece in the corner I pressed them towards the corner like I did on these they are pressed towards the corner but on these pieces I pressed towards this colored strip so that when I sew the two together they nestle better so once you’ve got these four all done and you got those eight all done then we move on  

so to start with you’re going to take a light colored piece and a dark colored piece and you’re going to sew them together like this you’re going to sew these together  

just a quarter inch seam along here  

do that with  four of the light colored ones and all four of the dark colored ones  

now you’re going to take  

two of your little squares you just made  

you got four little squares like this I’m going to turn one this way  

and then you’re going to take another one of your rectangles and you’re going to sew it right here  

I’m just going to put it here  

quarter inch seam and do this to two of your squares so you’re going to have two that you do that with  

your second one would be the same thing like this  

now you got two pieces like this  

what you going to do is take  

your next piece like this  

and you’re  going to put it this way so instead of this way you’re going to turn it one quarter turn  

and  then you’re going to sew it right here

I’m going to put that over  

a quarter inch seam there and you’re going to do the same thing with the second piece 

now you’re going to take your last two rectangles and your single center square and you’re going to put these this way and sew the three together  

when I press these pieces I pressed always towards this bigger piece in the middle so those seams go towards the center so when I pressed these pieces I pressed away from the center  

so we have some nice nesting going on so now all you have to do is put these three pieces together  this this and this

and that’s it your ribbon bow block is finished  

kind of a cute one isn’t it you put the three or four of these in a row on a table runner with some sashing and some binding that would be really pretty especially if you do them all in different colors I hope you enjoyed that  

so now you know how to make the ribbon bow block that was a pretty easy one wasn’t it real simple just two colors plus white used it works best if it’s two shades of the same color and the PDF for it is in the description below but there are no fancy cutting no fancy sewing it’s just squares and rectangles and some diagonal stitches and pretty easy stuff to do it ends up to be when it’s in a finished size it’s a 10 inch block so I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please hit the like button and hit the Subscribe button which YouTube appreciates so we can keep giving you more and more free videos also hit the notified little bell if you want to be notified when we put up a new video which is every Saturday morning at about 10:00 so we hope we see you again next week have a good week happy sewing we’ll see you next time bye-bye