Log Cabin Circle Quilt Block

Today’s video shows how to combine four log cabin quilt blocks to make a circle! Download the pdf guide and watch the video to see how it goes together.

Log Cabin Circle Quilt Block Guide


Video transcript:

Hi I’m Tes Scholtz with Tulip Square and today I’m going to show you how to make this Log Cabin Circle Block it’s super easy to make so let’s head over to the sewing machine and I’ll show you how to put it together  

okay so to make this circle  

we’re going to make four identical blocks and then combine them into one  

and all of our background color which is the blue here  

is going to be one inch by various lengths  

and then the foreground or circle color are going to be one and a half inch by various lengths and all of these measurements are in the PDF that you can download  

so we’ve got  I’ll tell you what they are quickly  

So that’s an inch and a half,  

three and a half, four and a half  

then two, three, five, and six inches and then 

this one is these are all one inch wide by inch and a half, two inches, four and a half, five inches

this is three, three and a half, six, six and a half so let’s get to sewing first you’re going to take your small your squares your inch and a half inch squares inch and a half inch  

and an inch and a half rectangles and you’re going to sew those together right there  

make sure you have nice quarter inch seams everywhere and that way everything will line up nicely as it should okay I’m going to press toward the darkest color  

Now we’re going to take the next blue piece  

with this blue on the bottom we’re going to put this piece on the left hand side  

just like that  

then press that towards the dark color  

with the blue “L” on the left we’re going to add this take the smallest yellow piece  

and add that to the top just like that  

and we’re going to press that out we’re going to always just press out toward the piece that we just added  

now we’re going to add the next  

yellow piece  

to the right hand side  

just like this and we’ll press that  

now with that blue L on the bottom left still we’re going to take the dark blue piece and add that to the left  

now we add the next dark blue  

to the bottom  

so we’re always going to add  

blue to the left and the bottom and yellow to the top right blue blue yellow yellow  

and press  

now we moved to back to the light yellow that we started with  

So we’re always alternating light and dark blue and then light and dark yellow  

now we add the last light yellow piece to the right hand side  

right there  

now we’ll do another layer of blues starting here on the left  

and then one at the bottom  

now I’ve got one more round of yellow  

on the top  

and one more  

on the right hand side  

almost done  

I will add one more blue stripe to the left  

and one more to the bottom  

now we’ve got four  

Log Cabin blocks done  

and we’re going to put them together like this  

to make a circle  

so first we’re going to sew these together  

just like that  

I’m going to press those  

doesn’t matter which way you press these but press them both the same so then for  

this step they will nest together nicely so you’re just going to  

sew that together right there  

and now just press that and you’re done  

and there you have it Log Cabin Circle  

wasn’t that easy to do all of the cutting measurements are in a free pdf that you can download There’s a link in the description and we also have a couple of examples of how it might look when you use sashing and borders and everything so make sure you get that and if you like this block  

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and check out our website at tulipsquare.com so you can find all of our quilt blocks and all of our other patterns and and everything’s there and we will see you next time and until then happy sewing  

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