3D Look “O” Illusion HST Quilt Block

Here’s another 3D illusion block. This “O” or cube quilt block uses mostly Half Square Triangles. It looks great when paired with last week’s “X” block! Get the free pdf guide, then watch the video to see how it goes together!

3D Look “O” Quilt Block Guide


Video transcript:

Hi I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and this week I’m going to show you how to make this cute little block it’s kind of a circle block kind of looks three-dimensional very cute little block it’s easy to make and there is a PDF that you can download in the description below if you’d like to follow along that will give you the sizes the dimensions the quantities of everything so you don’t have to keep track of what I’m telling you in the video okay so let’s head over the sewing machine and make a cute block

Alright to make this block you’re going to need a white or very light color and three shades of something else of a colorful color I’m going to use dark medium and light of pinks the white and the dark and the light are each four pieces and they’re all 2 and 7/8 inches your medium is two and a half inches so I’m going to set the two and a half inch ones aside for now and I’m going to pair up you’re going to take two of the whites and pair them with two of the light colored squares and then you’re going to pair them with two of the dark color squares and then these last two light and darks you’re going to pair together so now you’ve got six pairs and what you’re going to do with each of them is you’re going to carefully line them up and let me get my pencil here you’re going to put a nice diagonal line on the back of each pair

Make sure it’s visible but not too obnoxious like that I’m going to put that on all of them and then you’re going to sew a quarter of an inch on each side of that line so I’m going to go ahead and put all these lines on and sew all these and then I’ll show you the next step okay I’ve got all the stitching done you can see I’ve got sewing on both sides of the center line and now I’m going to cut these down on the line that I just drew now when you’re making any kind of blocks that have half square triangles in which these are a rule of thumb you can always count on is how big you cut your squares to make them like these are 2 and 7/8 it will always be 7/8 inch smaller when you see that piece in a finished block like this this little finished block right here is is 2 in square and we cut the pieces 2 and 7/8 to make that square so it’s always 7/8 inch bigger than what the finished little squares going to be no matter how big your block ends up it’s always a 7/8 inch difference so I’m going to go cut all these in half and press them all now what you have is four squares that have both colors four squares with the light pink and four squares with the dark pink and what you’re going to start with is let’s move these aside you’re going to take the four squares with the dark pink and you’re going to pair them up with your smaller or one piece one color squares like so you’re going to sew them all together like this make sure you don’t do this they all go together like this sew those together now we have four of these pieces we’re going to set those aside and we’re going to take the pieces that have two colors now and the pieces that have just one color and we’re going to sew them together so that the pink makes kind of a diagonal line and then we have four pieces like this now normally whenever I’m sewing I like to press everything towards the darkest color whenever possible when I’m pressing the seams but in the case of something like this with a lot of little pieces I tend to press more towards whatever way it’s easier like on this this is darker but it’s easier to press toward a solid square than it is to something with a triangle so I’m pressing towards for the least amount of bulk in the seams okay so now we’re going to take these we’re going to take one of these and sew it to one of these like this sew all your pairs together like that make sure you line up all these little seams in here so they nest nicely and your seams line up all right now we’ve just got four little squares like this which are kind of cute all by themselves but what you’re going to do is sew them into two pairs and what you do is you just take one take the next one and turn it like that and sew them together right here do the same thing with this pair take it turn one turn and sew them together along here now you have two pieces like this and all you have to do is swing one around and sew it like that I’ll go do that and that’s it block is all done kind of cute isn’t it and pretty easy

so now you know everything you needed to know about how to make this cute little square block it finished size is 8 inches it’s easy to make it’s mostly half square triangles and it’s a good project if you’ve never tried anything with half square triangles it’s a good one to try to see how easy they really are so I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please hit the like button hit the Subscribe button and hit the little bell if you want to be notified and that’s all I have to tell you I’ll see you next week with a brand new video bye-bye