Tulip Square Quilt Block

Finally we have a Tulip Square! Get the PDF guide for all the measurements for a 9 inch finished block, then watch the video to see it all come together. Tulip Square Quilt Block Guide


Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and this week we’re going to make this pretty little tulip square block we thought it’s about time we had our own tulip square block so here it is this one it would be pretty if you used if you’re going to make several of these or make a bunch of them and put them in a quilt or something if you really pretty if you made all the tulips different colors too so we’re going to head over to the sewing machine and get started on this and remember there’s a PDF for it in the description below if you want to download and follow along so let’s get going okay to make the single tulip square block what you’re going to need is four of the rectangles four of them and that’s in white four of those small white squares four of the small squares in whatever color the little tulips are going to be just a single little green square and then four each of the white and the tulip colored larger squares and all of these sizes are in the description there’s a PDF you can download to start with we’re going to take the larger four and on the back side of the white or whatever is your lighter color you need to draw a diagonal line in the back of each of them make sure it’s nice and accurate because you’re going to sew on both sides of those and also make sure the back side not on the front side okay I’m going to pair up these ones I just drew the line on right sides together they’re getting paired with your flower color you see that line right there I’m going to sew on each side of the line a quarter inch away from that line so once you’ve drawn you’ve sewn on both sides of the line you drew you’re just going to cut along that line you drew

and these two squares will give you two half square triangles like so so you’ll have eight of those after sewing and cutting these four so I’m going to go press those nice and flat pressing towards the pink color okay now I’ve got all of these pressed nice and flat and what I’m going to do is I’m going to take the four flower colored squares smaller squares and I’m going to sew each of them to one side

not this side this side okay so I’m going to sew four of them like that so now I’ve sewn the solid flower color square which is my pink square to half of the triangle squares like so all the same direction and then you sew the remaining four of your triangle squares to the white blocks the same way make sure they’re all positioned the same way so you’ve got four of these and four of these now what you’re going to do is basically pair these up I’m going to take one of these you’re going to swing the white one around like so but there’s the basic beginning of your little tulip and when you press these if you press towards the square each time press down towards the pink square and I press up towards the white square so that when I put these two together and nest them seams will mesh up beautifully like so so I’m just going to take these pairs and sew them down the middle so that we have four pieces like this I’ve got four of these sewn together like so and I’m going to go press them I believe I will press them towards pink so now what you’re going to do is you’re going to take these in pairs and turn one this way and you’re going to sew the rectangle here it’s going to end up in between those two so I’m just going to sew it right here on two of the squares I’ll sew that on two squares right to here here and here and I’ll sew the other squares to the other side of the edge of this okay so I sewed the larger piece to one of the triangle squares and then I’m going to take the next triangle square and instead of having it be identical I’m just going to quarter turn it I’m going to sew it right to here

Now we have two strips like this see how quickly this is going together and then I’m going to take this little green square and I’m going to sew the last two of the rectangles that either side of it like so I’m going to go press these press this piece and when I press this piece I’m pressing towards the two green edges and when I press these I pressed towards the flower edges so that when I put these two together they will nestle nicely I’m going to go press this whenever you can get your seams to nestle in the opposite direction from each other it’s always a good thing so now I’ve got this one here and when I put this right here

The seams will line up beautifully and they will nestle nicely against each other so that’s one on here I’m going to go press that nice and flat

Now all we have to do is sew this last triangle piece in place right here once again lining up the seams so everything lines up and make sure as always that you’re using nice accurate quarter inch seams so everything does line up and there it’s all done and that is the Tulip Square block very pretty isn’t it

so now you know how to make the Tulip Square Block it’s a pretty little block it’s easy to make it’s very pretty as a whole quilt very nice and springy and pretty looking it also makes it pretty table runner if you make several of them and if you wanted to make them into a placemats you could add a couple borders on the two sides and it would be a cute little placemat also so we hope you like this video please hit the like button hit the Subscribe button and hit the little bit notification bell if you want to be notified whenever we put up a new video and remember we put up a brand new video every Saturday just about 10:00 in the morning so we hope you have a good week happy sewing and we’ll see you next week bye-bye