Making Scrappy Pillows with Paulette and Tes

Come along with Paulette and Tes as they root through the scrap bin to make some fun throw pillow covers! Who will finish theirs first?

Video transcript:

Okay so this is what we’re going to do today huh? This is what we’re gonna do today. We’re going to take some of these scraps and we’re going to make some pillows huh? Pillows we’re going to take lumpy dumpy scraps, pillow for you, pillow for you, pillow for me, okay pillow form, okay. Pillow for me. All right we’re going to take some of these scraps we’re going to just make some cute …yeah… pillows. ok. We’ll make something out of this. You know it’s not going to make much of a dent in this, right? I know. We would have to make like, a circus tent!

I don’t suppose it counts if I just glue some of these on this form and be done with it huh? That’s not really the idea. Ok all right so well first I got to figure out what the heck I want to do. Yeah. I don’t want to just patchwork. I’m going to kind of… What are you going to do? I’m going to like go like this, and like this kind of just sew them together and go around and around. Kind of like a scrappy quilt. Well this is starting from the middle yeah so it’s kind of a cross between like a log cabin. Oh like a scrappy log cabin, what a cute idea. Ooh not that one. Okay let’s pick out some and see where we’re going, oh this is pretty! Do you need this? Oh I might. Look at that. That’s pretty. That’s a nice blue, there’s extra.

Allright. Look, a cat. Oh cute! I should put him right in the middle. Put that right in there, yeah.

Oh but he needs to be like appliquéd on because… Oops I’m dropping pieces all over the floor. He’s, I’ll save him for something. All right I’m going to need some purples here I don’t want all this junk in my way. Here’s a purple. No I got purples. Here’s a purple. Don’t throw your purples at me. Here’s a purple. Ok, I’m using this one. Oh I like this. I love this fabric, everything we’ve ever made with it. That is pretty.

How big of a piece do you need? Half of it, I need half of it. I’ll give you half.

Hahahaha here, cut. About like here? Yup, that’s all I need. Wow got a whole bin of scraps and you need the piece I have. But look how pretty it is. I know it is that’s why I picked it.

Then I need some turquoisey stuff, more turquoise stuff. Do you need some of this? There’s a whole bunch of that. No I’m not having any black. Got a cute idea for mine. Do tell. I’m going like with the spectrum of colors, you know from purple, blue, green, yellow. You’re making a rainbow pillow? Yeah rainbow pillow, that’s what I’m making. Cool. Stripes, stripes of rainbow. Oh I don’t need two of those. This is too busy.

Let me think, stripes of rainbow? I think it’s a good idea. That’s going to be very cute. Fluffing up all these fabrics is going to make…Oh look, pre-striped. Do you want some pre-stripes? No.

But I did find this piece you just threw at me, inadvertently. Did I? Uh huh. What was it? A blue square. Like this? No. Do you need this kind of blue? No I don’t think so. Oh hey. Maybe I do want that one. Wait a minute. Maybe I do. I’ll take that one piece of that. There’s another green and all this big chunk of yellow
This isn’t going to look, I don’t like this, why did I put that there. This stuff is making my nose itch.

I’m not going to know how any of this is so I’m going to iron and start sewing and it’s going to look completely different than what it looks right here. Oh probably. It’s going to look something like this. Oh cute. Mine’s going to look something cute like this. All right, let’s go iron our pieces. Allrighty.

okay if I’m going to make an 18 inch square

I’ll cut them 2 inches wide so they will only need to be an inch and a half wide once they’re sewn, and I’m making an 18 inch square, how many do I need, how many strips, how many 2 inch strips do I need, how many how many inch and a half strips will I need? To make 18 inches. So… 12. 12, are you sure? If you have an inch and a half, you have two inch and a halfs, that’s three, so you need six of those to make 18. So, if they’re there’s two of them, times 6, is 12.

Okay, sure, works for me! 12 of them huh? Is that how they explain the new math to kids because if so that’s why I don’t get it. Yeah no kidding. Two one and a halfs is three, so six of them is 18. Yeah.

And 6 times 2 is 12. See? All right gotcha all right.
So why don’t you go iron and I’ll go cut and we’ll come back with our pieces ready to work on something and get this big abomination out of our way. Yeah look how much we got out of there. Yeah wow, we really got rid of that didn’t we, really knocked that mess down to a manageable pile. Wow.

I got everything cut and ready to go. All right and I got mine pressed, not particularly cut, well I left them all the same, same shape they were. Let us get sewing. Oh I’m looking for a presser foot on the floor. This would work a lot better if I had glasses where I could see what I’m doing. Do you need, you need glasses? Nah I’ll wing it.

These aren’t the machines we normally use, folks. No they certainly aren’t. But they’re small and they fit on the table.

No way to get good light on here.

Oh I guess I could bring my machine a little closer, I’m sewing like this.

Because I got all my pieces right here so. At least so far neither one of us are sewing without thread. Oh yeah that’s always a good thing. That’s a plus isn’t it? I didn’t just sew the last 12 pieces together without thread. That’s because this machine doesn’t have a little thing that says “You’re almost out of thread” when you’re not almost out of thread. Well that’s true. So I need some orange dig into our.. Hey get the scrap bin, lady. No no no no,no,no. Mom’s trying to just select some orange fabric. How about this stuff over here? Don’t you touch that, that’s for a pattern. Rats. Try to pilfer my pre-cut pieces!

Well isn’t that cute!

Very nice. Oh sorry. Now…

2 plus 15 is 13. 17.

okay 15. Minus 2. 15 and a half I need fifteen and a half. Why 4?

Alrighty. All right. I got mine sewn and cut. Cool. Look at that. Cute, I like that. Thank you. Here put, let me see.

Dun dun dun, final reveal.
Here we go. Final reveal.

Look at this maniac she’s trying to get done before me.
No I’m not. Stuff stuff stuff stuff. Not trying to do anything like that. Done. Done!

I mean tada! All right let me fix it now.

There. Now you have a nice pillow. Lookit. Removable cover. Look at that! Look at those, aren’t they cute. And they would look cute together too even though they don’t have anything to do with each other. They’re just all scrappy pillows. Yup. With matching backgrounds.

And there you have it. Tada! Tada. Good deal. Boom.

All right.