Disappearing Four Square Quilt Block

Today Paulette will show you how to make this simple disappearing four square quilt block, in two different ways. Grab the free pdf guide, below, then check out the video for assembly instructions and tips!

Disappearing Four Square Quilt Block Guide


Video transcript:

hi everyone I’m Paulette Morrissey from Tulip Square and today I’m going to show you how to make a really easy disappearing four square block it’s going to look like this when it’s done it’s not a real intricate one but it’s still pretty cute and very easy to make using only four squares of a fabric I’m going to show you how to make it using 5 1/4 inch squares but you can it’ll work with any squares as long as they’re all the same size you can download a PDF in the description below and it will give you the sizes and how many you need for each square and all that kind of good stuff so let’s head over to the sewing machine and make some 4 square disappearing blocks

all right for this disappearing block this is a simple four square disappearing block so what you’re going to need is two squares each of two colors and then for a second color two squares each of those two colors now these can share one color like they’re both going to have the yellow or they can be two different colors but I’m going to show you with them sharing a yellow so I’m going to have yellow and green and yellow and orange two squares of each and what you’re going to do is pair them up and sew them together with a quarter inch seam I’ve got all the edges sewn and now I’m just going to go press them towards the darker colors of the two okay I’ve got these all pressed towards the orange and the green and now I’m going to sew them together

In little simple blocks like this and because you press them both towards the same color you get the nice nesting of the seams which always helps you line up your squares beautifully when you’re sewing I’m going to go ahead and sew these and press them all right I’ve got them pressed when you do this step you can press them to either side it doesn’t matter now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go cut and I’m going to cut two and a half inches in from this side and two and a half inches in from this side on both of them and then after I’ve got that then on this remaining strip I’m going to cut two and a half inches in on each end so I’m going to go cut those and then I’ll show you how that looks at a square like this a block like this I cut off the top two and a half and the bottom two and a half and then I cut from the middle section two and a half off of each side and I did the same thing with the orange now all you do is swap them out we’re going to take these two orange pieces and we’re going to sew them right here to the green and yellow and then we’re going to take the orange center and sew the green pieces to it we’re going to go ahead and do that now I’ve got these pieces done like this these are your centers and then the pieces that you added to the outside like I added green and yellow here to the orange center so I’m going to take the green and yellow outer pieces and I’m going to sew one here and one over here and I’m going to do the same thing with the last two now when you sew these you will notice that this strip here is longer than this piece because this one has three seams and this one only has one so the important thing to match up here is this center strip right here and then later on we will cut off a half an inch on each edge do that at the top piece and the bottom piece right now I’ve got it done this is all pressed and all the pieces are put together so all I’ve got to do is trim off these little half inch pieces on the end and you can do this with your regular scissors if you can keep cut a straight line otherwise go ahead and use your rotary cutter and a ruler and if you can keep it nice and straight unlike this piece right here don’t do that cut them off and this will give you the square will be about 9 inches and once it’s put into a quilt or something else it’ll be about an 8 1/2 inch finished square and remember all of the dimensions and the pattern the pieces you need and everything are in a PDF in the description below and you can download that anytime you want

and that is finished square and then you can see this one will look the same as soon as I trim off these corners and you get them with the opposite insides and outside the cute little colored corners and if you chose to use only two colors without adding the third color then your squares would look like this and you can easily just make your whole quilt or whatever you’re making can just be using two colors that’s all there is to it and that is the four square disappearing block one of the most simple disappearing squares patterns there are I hope you like that so now you know how to make the four square disappearing block that was a really easy block to make you can make it in three colors like this so you have opposites when you put it together you’ve got a cute little quilt makes a really cute baby quilt baby colors and you can also use just two colors and make a simple like that you can download the PDF it’s in the description below it will give you the sizes that I used and the quantities you need for make a square and some simple diagrams to follow for making your own little squares so I hope you enjoyed that simple little block and we’ll see you again next week and happy sewing bye-bye