Carol’s Corners Quilt Block

Today’s block is a special request from a viewer who wondered if we knew how to make this block. If you know the traditional name of this block, please let us know! We know there are different ways to make just about any block, but we found the easiest way to make this particular design, is to make two blocks at once. Watch and see!

Carol’s Corners Quilt Block Guide

Video transcript:

hi I’m Tes with Tulip Square and we’re doing something a little bit different today 

so one of our faithful viewers found an image of a block that she couldn’t figure out who originally made it and we don’t know who originally made it 

I’m sure the first time it was made was long before I was born so she asked us to help figure out how to make this block and this is the block

and I figured out a way to make it so that you make two at once complimentary blocks 

all of the measurements and dimensions and everything that you need for this pattern are in a free pdf so you can download and there’s a link in the description box

so in honor of our faithful viewer we’re calling this Carol’s corners

and I will show you the method that I came up with to make these so let’s hop over to the sewing machine and I’ll show you what I did 

okay so to make this block or pair of blocks I should say

first what we’re going to do is take our strips and sew them into blocks of four like that 

That’s what we’ll do first

and now I have these

We’re going to set those aside for a minute and we’re going to work on the other part

we’re going to make four squares of checkerboards like so

So we’ll just sew these

Sew a bunch of pairs of these together and then we’ll sew those pairs together to make the checkers

Ok now you have all of these pairs

and I’m just going to press those all toward the dark fabric 

now we’re just going to sew these into squares like that

Make sure you nest your seams together

And you’ll make four of these

Ok now you have four of these pieces

And four of these pieces

now we’re going to set these ones aside and come back to these

you’re going to take two of them

you’re going to cut two of them in half this way right at a diagonal

And you’re going to cut the other two in half this way

pretty simple just make sure you do half in one direction and half in the other 

I’m going to cut those and I’ll be right back

Ok so here we have them two cut in half this way and two cut in half this way

you’re about to see why we have to make two blocks at once

because if you only made one you would have one set of each

And that would give you one dark corner and one light corner

Meaning the biggest piece to be the focal point here 

so what we’re going to do we’re going to sew these together like that

we’re going to sew these together like that

See we need two of these for one block and two of these for the other block so that is why we make two blocks at once

What we’re going to do

and we’re just going sew right along there nice quarter inch seam

be careful when doing this step not to stretch your fabric because it’s on the bias here and it’s going to want to stretch so just

let it go gently through the machine no tugging or pulling

now you have two of these

two of these

And four of these

So we’re going to make one block like this

you want all of the same color touching in the center there

one block is going to look like that

And then the second block is going to look like that

I’m just going to sew these together in pairs for the first block

Sorry if that was a little confusing there’s the other block again so it’s going to show sew these into pairs right there and right there

and I’m going to press all of these toward the strip side

Now we have two of these and two of those

so we’re just going to sew them together like this 

Right along this edge

you just have that one center seam to nest together

Same thing with that one spin one around

You’ve got all this in the center

line up your center seam there

And you can press these in either direction

there you have it

Two lovely blocks coordinating blocks

okay so that was easy right and now you have these two complementary blocks which are lovely

I hope you like them Carol

I made them in another color while I was testing it out too just so you can see how they look

and don’t forget if there’s anything you’re having trouble with or you want to know how to do or see one of our patterns that isn’t a video yet you’d like to be a video or a technique that you want to know about just email us or comment or message us and we’ll we’ll make it happen or we’ll do our best to do so anyway 

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