About us

Meet Paulette and Tes, the mother and daughter team behind Tulip Square Patterns.

Tulip Square Patterns had its humble beginnings a little over 11 years ago. It was after Paulette Morrissey took a few quilting classes and realized she preferred making her own patterns instead of using someone else’s designs. Since she had just sold a doll pattern company she started in 1995, she was quite familiar with making patterns. And quilted items had the advantage of not ever needing inset sleeves!

Her first project was a quilted case for her new iPad. When friends and family members saw it and wanted one too, she made a few for them, but quickly realized she much preferred to make a pattern and let people make their own case exactly how they wanted it. So the first two Tulip Square patterns were born.

Paulette continued making a few new patterns every year, concentrating more on quilted items that were not quilts. Things like tote bags, phone cases, purses and the like, as well as a few table toppers and runners. She was working on patterns only in her spare time, between weaving, drawing, doll making and a few other interests. 


This continued for almost ten years. Then COVID hit and it turned things upside down for many people, including Paulette’s daughter, Tes Scholtz (and her husband Andy). They had been making a living going to many fairs and events every year and selling the items they made. And suddenly there were no more events to go to. Tes and Andy had to switch gears and start all over in a different direction. 

It was during this period, in the fall of 2020, when it still looked like large events were not happening any time soon, Paulette suggested to Tes that maybe she would like to try her hand at pattern testing. Tes was open to the idea even though she had not been a big fan of sewing at this point. To both her and Paulette’s surprise, she loved it and was really, really good at it!! In no time she was up to speed on testing, proofreading and sewing all kinds of items. Soon she started helping with the designs too.

By early 2021 it became obvious to this mother/daughter duo that the pattern company was something they could really grow well together. Tes had a great deal of experience in website design, social media and the like, while Paulette preferred making the patterns and doing the photography. Together they now design the new items, sew everything at least twice, and triple check all the patterns. As they move forward, they have many exciting things planned for the future, including having their own YouTube channel and being part of the IDP (Independent Designers Program) for Connecting Threads (their favorite online fabric and thread store). They’d love to have you along for the journey!