quilting Quilted Trivets in the Round

Here are some very handy items to add to your kitchen. Round quilted trivets are made in several very handy sizes and are perfect for protecting your countertops and tables as well as your hands. 15 inch size is great for pizza pans - no more grabbing a towel and folding it so you have somewhere to put the hot round pan. 10 inch size is perfect for large pans and casserole dishes. At my house we've also found it really handy for putting under a hot plate of food when you HAVE to go eat in front of the tv. Also handy under paper plates so they don't sag so easily. 7 inch size is good for small pots and pans and is a nice size to be used as a potholder. 5 inch coaster is also included in the pattern.

Use 100% cotton fabric and batting when making these trivets - you don't want any materials that might melt. Four different pieced block designs are included in the pattern.

Pattern has complete easy to follow, step-by-step illustrated instructions, so all you'll need is basic sewing and quilting skills. You'll need cotton fabric, cotton batting, and thread and you're ready to go. Pattern will be emailed to you as a PDF so you can get started right away.

#507 PDF Pattern for Quilted Trivets in the Round..........$3.49

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